Dating a Foreigner

I am actually being encouraged by my boyfriend to start a new blog. My old one was deleted because of tainted memories and I actually started a dayre which I’ve got no idea how to utilize it. As secretive as my boyfriend’s personal diary (yes! my boy has his own handwritten diary which he writes everyday :p), I have no intention of letting him know about this. The funny thing about his diary is that, he actually writes in Korean which I can never understand. But each time I get hold of his diary, he’ll definitely take it away from me immediately. lol.

Introducing Jo.. he’s of the same age as me, a 27 year old gentleman from Cheon-an, South Korea. To be exact, his birthday falls just 6 years before mine, on 21 July. Jo is the youngest in his family & he have 3 elder sisters. Perhaps it is because of this, he really know how to treat a lady well. I think fate really changes everything. His initial plan was to study in SG to improve his english & maybe gain a bit of working experience and head right back. But everything changes after he met me. It’s both our first time to date a foreigner & we never thought this would actually happen. I hurt this guy many times but yet, he is always beside me. Everyday my love for him just keep increasing. We will quarrel like every other couple. At times, I actually felt that dating a foreigner is really difficult because of our culture differences. But I think it just come down to me being selfish. I forgot about that fact that he is far away from home.

I ended a relationship of 7 years on a very bad note but I can’t be any more thankful that the break up happened. Without the breakup, I dont think i’ll ever have the courage to commit myself to Jo. We never exactly have a date because each time he pop the question, i wasn’t ready to accept him. But he decided that it will be 14 March 2017 & it was one of the best dates I ever had.

 14 March 2017 – White Day

Koreans actually have a different way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (14 Feb). Guys are the one that suppose to be at the receiving end. I didn’t exactly prepare him anything lol. & since it fell on a working day, we didn’t do much either.

Exactly a month after Valentine’s Day, they celebrate another day known as White Day (14 March). Girls are at the receiving end and as researched, they are supposed to receive items TWICE bigger than what they gave. haha. It’s my first time celebrating such day & I was rather excited. Since SG is my home, I offered to research for a good restaurant. For me, it was V Day all over again. I decided on Chijmes since we were driving.

I picked him up from his place and it was funny how I didn’t notice he was actually holding a bouquet of roses. He seriously hid it well. I got to head back home first and then, we switched seats so he could be the one driving instead. When we switched seats, I saw the bouquet of roses & couldn’t stop smiling. :)))) I’ve been complaining (jokingly) about the fact that the last time he gave me real roses was during our intial courtship. Back then, he actually came all the way to my house (when I was out having dinner with my friends), slipped a rose between my gates and ran off.

Come to think about it, it’s a good thing that he is giving me roses 1 month after V day. At least the prices aint as inflated!

We couldn’t decide on a proper restaurant but Prive @ Chijmes attracted us the most. Their ambiance was just perfect for a romantic night.

I need to admit that I really cannot remember when was the last time I had such a romantic dinner! I was too indulged into my work for the past few years and ok, my ex wasn’t a romantic kind. I ordered a steak and he got Carbonara. I’ve no idea why, but I’ve been craving on steak  A LOT these days.


Jo probably doesn’t know this but he never fails to make my heart flutter. Each day, I just feel that my heart can pop out for him. I know it sound exaggerating but I never felt this in love before. With my ex, we had good times but whenever we talked about marriage, I was always uncertain. But with Jo, I am not sure why… it’s different. Jo recently commented that I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately. haha, to me.. I just want to document about our relationship as much as I can. Honestly, I’m not sure if we can ever make it to the wedding aisle. I’ve no idea how am I going to converse to his family & I have this feeling that they are not going to like me 😦 There is many many uncertainties that I can’t stop worrying. But I really hope this work out.

He may not be financially stable, he may not be able to express himself well and he probably will never be able to accompany me to standup comedies but he is really one rare gem. I am really happy from the bottom of my heart, whenever I am with him. I am not getting any younger but not once, had he make me feel shitty about myself. (not to compare, but my ex used to call me fat and he also commented that I am expiring soon)

you may laugh, but each time I am with Jo.. 

I seriously feel like those romantic K-dramas. 🙂


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