17 – 19 March 2017

I’m doing a lot of backtracking since I created this blog after many events. To be honest, I am actually really excited to blog about us.

Last weekend was amazing.. simple yet enjoyable.

17 March 2017 – Movie & Bowling

Our friday was spent at Kallang Leisure Park. First movie & then bowling. We watched Beauty & the Beast and again, we were late (missed the first few bits of the movie). I think Jo was a little unhappy and he was actually having a fever 😦

Initially, I couldn’t really concentrate the movie because I got worried about Jo. The aircon seems a little too cold for him but with our 3D glasses on, he gave a cheeky smile to assure that he’s ok. πŸ™‚


Disney’s movie will never ever disappoint. The gay scenes that prompted Malaysia to indefinitely postponed the movie screening wasn’t even noticeable! -.- Feel really sad for our neighboring country. I wouldnt mind watching it again! [SPOILER ALERT] I teared when the beast died & everyone turned to antiques. It is really rare to find people like you, one that cries easily because of movies. Apparently Jo is somewhat like me. lol.

After movie, it was already 11:45pm. We decided to go for an hr Bowling session. Jo only played once before this so he was rather nervous about making a fool of himself. Ended up, he was actually pretty good πŸ™‚ my skills became really bad that the bowl just kept going from Super straight to tilt right and to the drain at the very end. Tsk.

His giant feet vs my baby feet.

He wanted to head back after that but I think my face just turned upset unknowingly. We’ve been spending so much time together that I didnt want it to end so soon. Jo can see my mood very very well & he knows when I’m not happy. These days, I know he is trying his best to pamper me and spend as much time as he can with me. πŸ™‚

I can’t help myself but i’ve been doing facial for Jo almost everytime I see him. LOL. But that guy’s pain tolerance is horrible. :p

18 March 2017 – Cherry Blossoms

Since he stayed over at my place on Friday night, we both decided that today shall be his alone day whereby he can do his work etc. We went to Baker & Cook @ Swan Lake Ave. Jo said he doesnt have the habit to eat such western breakfast/brunch until he came to SG. I strongly recommend to try out their Strawberry Fruit Tart (S$6.80). It is heavenly!

That week’s weekly special – Italian Beefy Meatball Pizza

Baker & Cook – Opera Estate,
#1 Swan Lake Avenue – Opera Estate
East Singapore 455700.

t: +65 6445 2088

After sending Jo back home & completing some work, I decided to check out the cherry blossoms in Gardens by the Bay, which ended up a HUGE HUGE disappointment. After visiting, I understood why Jo refused to go with me. LOL.


There were many many people there so i guess it’s strongly advisable that you get your tickets online. It was a torture to take a beautiful shot with everyone squeezing here & there. You will also unknowingly become one of the reason for road congestion. lol. The idea is relatively small & you’re not allowed to touch the flowers or the decorations. All in all, I wasnt too pleased. 😦

Pardon my narcissism. My nose is still deswelling & it is just appearing nicer each day πŸ™‚ I am still patiently waiting for it to fully recover but I read that it will take perhaps a year or so for the inner swelling to go completely away.

I’ve been really addicted to snapchats & snow filters these days. They are actually super fun! πŸ™‚ Most importantly, it really make you look pretty. HAHA!

My night was spend just slacking at home, watching movie on TV with Jo. It was just so nice that Operation Chromite was on!


This show is pretty interesting. It is all about korean war and because of this show, at least I somehow know about the history of Jo’s hometown. haha. I cried really badly in the end because basically, no one survived -.- Jo didnt expect me to cry that badly. lol & he was busy laughing at me while consoling me.

19 March 2017 – Oppa Restaurant

For this day, Jo promised that he had to spend the whole day with me. πŸ˜€ Jo has been craving Jjajangmyung for really long and his colleagues has been raving about this restaurant in Tanjong Pagar.

The heat in Singapore these days is driving me insane!

Recently, Jo has a bad habit of holding my hands in a relax mode. -.- Which I seriously hated it because it just made me feel like you are just holding my hands for the sake of holding. I’ll always tsk him so he can change that bad habit of his. lol.

The food is amazing! He ordered a Jjampbong that was of acceptable spiciness & i ordered sweet & sour pork with Jjajangmyun. The sweet & sour pork is different from our chinese one. It’s outer skin is super chewy! I love it so so much. One thing I love about Jo is that he will spoilt me by mixing my food for me and opening my can drink for me. Practically, I do not have to move my hands, other than feeding myself. πŸ™‚

O.BBa BBQ (Tanjong Pagar)

63 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088484

T:Β 6222 0840

I actually went out today without a single bit of make up. πŸ˜€ After lunch, I got so so full! We went to the nearby Korean mart and Jo introduced me a milkshake ice cream that taste so so so good! I’ve still got many things to explore haha. Jo also bought one of his childhood favorite snack πŸ™‚

He wanted a haircut at Tanjong Pagar but everywhere was closed. So I told him to just tryout my salon at Marine Parade. It’s Style Na and I always request for Bella. Bella did a VERY GOOD job for him! I really liked his new haircut now. He has always been trying to save money to go to local shops that always ruin his hair. Bella actually mentioned that his hair is one of the difficult ones to cut because it’s considered one of those.. weirdly grown hair or something. lol. I am banning him as a girlfriend to get haircut elsewhere now. He also have this thing for Korean perm that I refused to let him do it. I think its a raving style in Korea that I hate. :p

My menses just came (too much info, i know) & it being the first day, I am experiencing bad cramps and an embarrassing leakage. I literally freaked out at Jo’s place but Jo suddenly came & offered to watch my panties for me. o.O Blood is disgusting by itself, let alone menstrual blood. So I was really shocked (& touched at the same time) when he offered without any hesitation. He went out of the room and returned to hang the panties to dry. He seriously just handwashed my panties. o.O Still in disbelief but seriously, I felt that my feelings just got even stronger for him. haha. About my bad cramps, I couldn’t sleep well and Jo was the one that keep rubbing my abdomen. He even sangΒ some korean children song that supposedly make you feel better. haha.

well spent weekend. πŸ™‚

ccan’t wait for many more.


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