For a month or so now, we’ve been meeting Everyday and Jo has been staying over a lot. It came to a point whereby I feel weird as long as he’s not by my side.

Today I went to his place to pick him up & he wasn’t normal. He went into his dark zone. Each time he goes there, it isn’t easy to make him happy again. & worst, my mood will naturally be affected. He confessed that it’s not too serious, just that he misses home ;( I felt hopeless.

I’ve never really been away from home. The longest I’ve been away is just nearly 4 weeks when I headed to Korea for my surgery. Before coming to SG, Jo has also never been away from home. I felt as though it is because of me that he’s miserable. After all, he decided to stay in SG and learning to adapt because of me. I tried to cheer him up but I ended up getting sad and cried. The thought of losing him scares me but I told him I can try to do long distance. I don’t really know what else can I say,  which really make me feel useless about myself. Sorry my dear. I really want you to be happy.. & who knows, you may really feel happier back at home 😦

Can someone please advise me? Because I’ve never dated a foreigner. It is easy for some girls because they can just move to their partner’s country easily. For me, it’s not. I am too emotionally attached to my family and way too many commitments here. 😦

I always think that there is many uncertainties in our relationship but Jo always assure that I am just thinking too much. But am I? :/


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