11 – 13 March 

11 March 2017

Before heading out, Jo had to come my place to wait till I finished my work 😦 But he is starting to get the hang of my place being a ‘dog farm’. 🙂 Initially, he did not even dare to walk into the house :p


My craving for Kushinbo as been going on for ages. I used to be a super huge fan of them because of their desserts. lol. I know it’s funny how I am raving about desserts in a Japanese Buffet restaurant but I am always looking out for desserts.



My fruit tarts were nowhere to be seen but my tummy was well satisfied. The a/c was a little too cold & Jo got worried for me. We took train home and he were laughing at the fact that it seemed like I’ll never ever take public transport. lol.

12 March 2017

Jo had to stay home to work so i went to Zoo with Wong & the lovey dovey (Cong & Joey). We were there for 3 hours and tickets now are cheap since there is march promo going on. You can easily get tickets for 50% off. I actually miss Jo a lot and felt weird without him by my side. 😦





I really love this group of people a lot. haha! We should really do this often. 


After zoo, we decided to go to have our dinner at Two Chefs. A trip to zoo can also drained a lot of energy. Wong & I were falling asleep in the car.

Two Chefs

116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-129

Singapore 140116

t: 6472 5361

There, I saw Sinyang & his gang. Texted Diamond and he told me that Sinyang said I lost a lot of weight. 😀 yay! haha. But the fact that I was about to feast made me felt guilty. Jiawei joined us but Jo went MIA 😦 I got rather unhappy because he said that we will be meeting for dinner. Anyway, we ordered their specialty – Buttered Rib.

it’s fattening but oh-so-good!

We decided for a round 2 and the only nearby place I got think of was Holland V. By now, Jo stated that he would not be joining us since it is already ~9pm. We went to The Daily Scoop. Parking can be really difficult at night there. lol

The Daily Scoop

43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-78 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278115

Jo and I had a huge fight over his last minute pangseh. He said he just wanted some time alone to call back home & talk to his friends. :/ Mon – Fri is already very tough for us to meet & it seemed like i’ve been waiting for him a lot recently. Sat is the only proper dating day while Sunday he is always at home. I mentioned something about sometimes, i felt suffocated dating a foreigner because of our differences in culture. He replied something really hurtful; “I think youre just dating me for experience” -.- I got so upset that I cried. Because after so much, he can say that to me. I suggested that perhaps we should just automatically only meet on Saturdays & I wont bother asking him out ever again. :/ He kept apologizing in hopes of making us recover but my mood was too ruined to recover. I went to the showers while blasting really emo songs (a habit of mine) & when I got out, he was already there waiting. He hugged me tightly and apologized. I couldnt control the tears flowing down. 😦 I was just too upset that I couldnt forgive him for saying what he said. Before this, I actually wrote him a letter. The main point was about him reconsidering if we should really be together. Honestly, I wrote that without much hesitation due to frustration. :/ He stayed overnight but he got to wake up early for work next morning.

13 March 2017

My grams called me to have dinner at her place. Since Jo’s workplace is nearby, I invited him to go with me. I think because of this, we reconciled over last night’s quarrel. I was still blaming him for saying those stuff.. but I am glad that it was already the past.


I bought some korean cosmetics for Auntie but I’ve no idea how to use them. Jo helped to translate 🙂 & he said that he loved today because he really feels like he is already part of the family. lol. My silly boy.. We went back to his place & dad picked me up after that. 😦 I was already missing him like mad.

I am really tired of fighting with him.

I just want to be happy with him. 



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