CNY 2017

28 Jan 2017

I got Jo a new shirt for CNY. Since he never experienced such occasion before, I wanted to bring him along to my visitings. He was extremely nervous to go to my grandma’s place. haha. I got to teach him how to say “Gong Xi Fa Chai”. He wasn’t too used to getting angbao and stated that he felt awkward accepting them. In Korea, as long as youre out working in the society, you’ll stop receiving angbaos from your elders. I explained to him it’s different here.. you’ll collect until you marry. lol. Anyway, not sure why but as you get older, the mood of CNY just diminishes each year. Jo really really loves the CNY goodies. 😀



At night, since most shops are closed outside, Jo decided to just cook ramen (instant noodles) for dinner. I actually feel really blessed to have Jo beside me. He actually cook one of the best spaghetti.


His specialty 🙂 he actually tried to do this with tteokboki and it’ll be the best thing you ever tasted. I’ve never even heard of carbonara tteokboki! I also love love the french fries he make! The sogginess of the fries is so perfect. :p

 31 Jan 2017

Dad’s friends from Malaysia came to visit us and it is a norm to bring them to some fancy buffet restaurant. We decided on Edge @ Pan Pacific, as introduced by my brother. The price is insane (S$80++) but there is quite a decent selection of food.


Pan Pacific Singapore (Level 3)

7 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039595

t: 6826 8240

Reservation is not necessarily needed. I’ve been there like 3 times and it is never a full house. I am allowed to bring Jo along 🙂 & with him around, it is always different. He always make sure that I am well attended to before anything else (one of the many things why I am so madly in love with him). Iris said that Jo is really tall. lol. I guess my petite size just became even more obvious beside him. We actually unintentionally wore matching couple outfits – denim 😀


loving you more than anything else.


Can’t exactly remember when was this. We went drinking at Iguana @ Clarke Quay. He k.o once we got home. haha. I am really having doubts about his certain alcohol level, but yet he drinks Soju freaking well.



how can someone sleep & yet still look decent?! lol


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