Feb Dates

5 Feb 2017

He had quite a lot of things to finish for work. So I offered to go to his place to stay overnight while he focus on his work. I was actually watching “The Sound Of My Heart”, acted by Kwangsoo so I was laughing my ass off. But I noticed that he was visibly stressed. I on youtube and started playing classical Disney songs. LOL! He started smiling. 🙂



8 February 2017

He actually fell asleep during our mask session.

after I showed him the dozen of pictures I took while he is asleep, he laughed at the fact that I pretended to sleep to take the pictures. LOL

10 Feb 2017

Instead of the usual pink parlour, I decided to switch to Strip since they have a branch at Katong. It is slightly more expensive (S$62) but I kinda like the new therapist – Wendy.


I actually lost quite a bit of weight ever since I tried to get myself back on track.

After that, I went to meet Jo at his place. Sadly it was just a short meet up since i got to head back to look after the dogs 😦

11 Feb 2017

Since V’day is going to fall on a weekday, the chances of us enjoying a proper date will be rather small. So we decided to bring V’day celebration forward. I’ve been craving for korean BBQ for quite some time so we went back to our usual – Chowon Garden.

Chowon Garden

2 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079305

t: 6225 1317

*do note that they do not open on Sundays!



I can’t remember what day she mentioned it was but it was some special day that they serve Brown Rice with beans.



that silly boy always has his ways to make me laugh. He suddenly asked me if i know the purpose of the back of a toothpick. Obviously, I was clueless. He proceeded to break it and said that it acts as a ‘stand’ for the toothpick itself. o.O

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-11 at 8.17.10 PM

I started to laugh and asked who ever does that!? lol.

After dinner, we decided to walk to Chinatown to digest our stomach and make space for dessert. I didnt know the distance from Tanjong Pagar to Chinatown is THAT near! We came across a korean bingsoo store & decided to just try it out.

Bibing Cafe

50 Smith St, Singapore 058958

t:225 1317

We ordered the house recommended special – Melon Bingsoo and it’s nice! I dont think I can ever finish that one bowl myself. Since Jo paid the bill, I wasn’t too sure how much was it but I think it was S$17.50. I told Jo that the price is a little too steep! But then again, we’re in SG.


really hope we can have dates like these everyday 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-11 at 7.05.31 PM

One thing to complain about, my boyfriend sometimes have natural ombre lips. lol

In actual fact, I love his lips a lot! The cupid bow is very obvious and the shape is just so perfect! Tsk.

22 Feb 2017

It was my dad’s birthday so our norm is to head to Jumbo seafood. I invited Jo to join us and by now, he really feels like one of us. 🙂 He is still really awkward with them so I confessed to him that i’ll be worst in front of his family. 😦


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