Our Staycation @ Amara Sanctuary Resort

18 Feb 2017

To spice up our v’day celebration, I decided to book a staycation for us to enjoy. I came across Amara Sanctuary and started researching about them. In pictures, the suite looked really good and the pricing was reasonable at S$590/night.



Upon checking in, I was rather disappointed because they claimed that they weren’t able to find my booking. Thankfully it wasn’t peak period so they still have a few suites left. But I spent ~40 minutes just to clear checking in. I did a insta-story about the room that I wasn’t too impressed either. It’s smaller than what I expected. All in all, I wasn’t too pleased. But the only thing that I was happy about was that our room is connected to the pool – this fact was also one of the reason why I wanted the suite so badly.


By the time Jo arrives, he was visibly in dark zone from all the waiting. 😦 Since it was already dinner time, we decided to head to RWS for dinner but the reception told us that it is quite a distance. Alternatively, we could wait for their shuttle bus to enter Vivocity. We were walking around aimlessly & we just decided to eat Fish Manhattan. They used to have really good food there but I guess somewhat their standard dropped along the years.

Gradually, Jo’s mood returned and as usual, he helped me with my food before allowing me to proceed 🙂

Returning back to our suite, Jo wanted to inflate my donut float. I thought my pump was fully equipped but it seemed like I forgot the most crucial part of the pump – the nozzle. 😦 We decided to walk to RWS to meet my dad & to hunt for the nozzle part in convenient stores. While walking around Sentosa, we hilariously got lost.

We were walking some romantic aisles with light and seeing that I got so mesmerized by the beauty of it, Jo suddenly picked me up like a bride and started running around and spinning me around. lol. To be honest, I couldnt remember when was the last time I had this much fun 🙂

Our luck to find our nozzle was in vain so we just made our way back to the hotel. Sentosa can be like a maze. We never thought of using the GPS but we were turning in circles. lol. Jo was still very confident about guiding our way back without GPS. I was a little sad about the float so Jo said that he will use his “human power” to inflate it. LOL.

We were so tired from all the walking. Seeing that his “human power” isnt working much, I suggested to end the night since it was already 1am. We put our PJs and masks on. We both each brought a different mask to exchange. lol.


I supposed mine is of a better quality since the one I received from him is so thin! lol.

The next morning, I woke up with my float fully inflated. o.O I got so shocked and asked what the hell he did. He said he actually woke up in the middle of the night to try to inflate it. aww~ How sweet can this guy be? I actually already told him that it is alright to not inflate it.

We went to enjoy the pool & took tons of photos! It isnt fair that he can stand in the pool without any difficulty while I am too short. So he ended up carrying me around since I totally forgotten how to swim. :p




His silliness


My favorite photo!

Our check out timing is nearing so we decided to hit the showers. Before that, we played with the bathtub a little & Jo kept his promise on washing my hair for me. 🙂 Never felt so pampered.


PS: I wasn’t naked. -.- Just that my bikini was well hidden

Checking out was yet another pain because they apparently double charged my card but refused to refund me the deposit. Their reason was because their reservation and finance team doesnt work on weekends. :/ I enjoyed their facilities but the checking in and out was a horrible experience.

We bought breakfast and decided to hit the bench for relaxation. I don’t recall doing this with any of my ex-es and I’ve no idea why we didn’t do it often.

 He brought back happiness to me

It was already 1pm so we just decided to head back home. Staycation is always so energy-draining so I have a love-hate relationship with it. LOL!

i cant wait to have more staycations with this man.

& i can’t wait for our first overseas trip together





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