iLight (25 – 26 Mar 2017)

25 March 2017 – A Date to iLight


Since it was plastered everywhere in instagram, I decided to drag Jo with me there. 🙂 As usual, food there can be crazy expensive. I brought $100 cash with me but we ended up spending it all! I am a huge fan of Smores, even though they can be super sweet. It was only after I offered Jo some that I learnt that he hates marshmellows haha. We tried the butterscotch beer and it tasted good! Surprisingly, there wasn’t any beer taste in it though, which made me wonder whether was it even an alcoholic drink. The food queue was insanely long though. We waited about 30-40 minutes each stall. >.<

During the wait, I chance upon some really young girls that were smoking away. Honestly, they looked just like 13-15? /roll eyes. What’s happening to the society?



We went to play Uncle Ringo 4 times. I miss those days where the games are just few dollars. Now, it cost an insane $5 for a game which can end within seconds. Jo didnt win anything for me 😦 But I wasn’t quite bothered since if I really want those toys, i can get them online or something. Anyway, I realised that Jo has a bad temper.. especially when he dont get things he is hoping for. He wasn’t too happy that he lost. lol.

i actually had chocolate on my lips from my smores & Jo didnt tell me about it -.- LOL

Since we are out of cash, we decided to walk around and look for the lights exhibits. Honestly, to sum up…. the light exhibits wasn’t as WOW as I thought it would be. It is also not saturated at an area.. Basically, they wanted you to walk around for them. lol.

The night scenery at MBS is always so pretty. There was a section whereby they started blowing bubbles. ❤ Super in love with bubbles. I tried to take a pictures of us but the bubbles wasn’t appearing 😦 Still, at least it made the atmosphere romantic. :p



We walked till my legs are breaking. From MBS, we walked to One Fullerton where the old butter factory was. It brought back those clubbing memories. haha. Jo doesn’t parties, at all. We took a cab back and somehow, he seems nonchalant. 😦 Probably due to the loss in games or just simply being tired from all the walking.

We got home and while lying on bed, he saw the bag of plushies I caught from Korea. He started joking that if he did win anything, it’ll end up in that bag. 😡

26 Mar 2017

He needed to meet his ex-colleague for lunch so I simply stayed home and do my stuff. We only managed to meet at night for dinner. At this point of time, I got extremely hungry. Since he was craving for Teppanyaki, I suggested to go to Sakae Sushi @ Parkway. We ordered the beef set and while waiting, I ate 4 red plates of sushi & sashimi. We were talking about whether he will be staying overnight. He said yes but he got to wake up early morning to go home & change. -.- I told him before that if he ever want such arrangement, he might as well forgo staying my place. After sensing that I got unhappy about that, he naturally became unhappy too.. to a point whereby he refuses to eat. -.- I got even more mad because somewhat, he was implying that I should just eat alone. When I kept asking what the hell is wrong with him.. he just went on and on in KOREAN which I cannot understand. I lost all my patience so I simply just force myself to eat everything. The most painful dinner ever…

After leaving the restaurant, he kept saying he wants to go home. Our initial plan was to take a walk at ECP. So he literally said goodbye to me at the traffic light junction & I just went ahead myself. Halfway through, he pulled me back. “You dont wish to talk to me?” I replied that it is impossible to have a proper conversation when he just kept blabbering away in korean. He said he needed to go back to get his clothes washed (earlier on in the restaurant, he accidentally spilled a bowl of soup onto himself). So I told him i’ll call a cab and return to his place first. The whole journey back, I refused to talk or look at him.

Back at his place, he went to do his laundry & had a quick shower while I tried to calm myself down. I broke down there and then. I suck at controlling my emotions & I cry SUPER easily. I told him that I felt so tired from all the quarrelling. He said he just realised my princess attitude is more severe than he expected. He didnt say it like an insult but.. just a sudden realization.  I told him that I warned him about my attitude. He could just left me alone in the restaurant, eat the food & talk to me later on. Or simply just don’t stay over if he wants to go back early morning! Of course I am unhappy because it is already a norm whereby he stays every weekend now but it wont last! I told him that he could just try to cheer me up and not get frustrated with me. :/

He was saying he encountered this before whereby his ex was him and he was me. She too refused to eat while during argument & he couldn’t understand her at that point. -.- So i asked him, “Since the food has already been ordered, you guys expected the other person to finish everything alone or simply just throw the food away?” -.- It really doesn’t make sense. If you want to argue, force yourself to eat then argue later. tsk.

I am not sure if we resolve the argument but both of us just reconciled and he ended up staying over that night. But I told him, it is extremely tired to keep arguing like that. 😦 /sigh.



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