29 March 2017

I started playing with my make up even though I am not heading anywhere. Earlier on, I texted Jo that we should just meet tomorrow but he said “Why only tomorrow?” So I harbored hopes of meeting him. Closer to the end of the working hours, he texted to say he will be having a company dinner that shouldn’t take very long.

I waited & waited. I am not a huge fan of his company dinner because as long as there are a group of koreans hanging out together, chances of them drinking and get dead drunk is very high. He ensured that they wont be drinking but at 9pm, after much asking.. he said they are just having chicken & beer. It was supposed to be just a simple korean beef dinner. tsk. By then, I was very sure we wont be meeting anymore but I just got disappointed from all the waiting.

Honestly, I think I am getting too obsessed with Jo. But I feel like shit each time he is away from me 😦 & super duper insecure about everything. >.<


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