1 – 2 Apr 17

1 April 2017 – A trip to MacRitchie

I’ve never been a nature person but not sure why, ever since I commit myself into this new relationship, I always want to try new things out. We had the car to ourselves the whole weekend since my dad isnt at home.


I dragged Jo to MacRitchie Reservoir & I hate the fact that no one warned me how tough it will be. HAHA! We trekked for about 4+ hours for 12km? Going up was interesting but going down was endless. We were supposed to park at Venus Carpark which would make the route so much shorter but I’ve no idea where was that. I tried to use google map but that place is not showing up. We ended up parking at Macritchie Reservoir’s carpark. We reached there at about 1pm so we thought of getting our tummy filled first.

There is showering facilities and a cafeteria at the ‘starting point’. My plan was to go all the way up to the TreeTop Walk & back down. Thankfully, the moment we completed the treetop walk, it started to drizzle. If it drizzled before we enter, I think the person wouldnt let us pass.


I am still feeling shy in front of Jo. haha.. So asking him to take pictures can be really weird. After many shots, my damn kid face….


I honestly think this is my first time getting upclose with a monkey. It is quite terrifying because I am not sure if they will attack. Jo kept scaring me that they may take my phone away from me. 

It started raining on our way down & Jo passed me his towel to wrap around my head. LOL! His towel is surprisingly good! It didnt get wet while protecting me. haha. By the time we got back down, I became a person without soul. LOL! It was exhausting but surprisingly, I do enjoy myself. That silly boy actually want to carry me down during certain parts of the trip. But I told him dont be crazy, the road is way too slippery because of the rain.


2 April 2017 – Paying respect to my mum

Since Qing Ming is just few days away, we thought we want to get it done before the crowd started pouring in. I’ve had many past relationships and honestly, Jo is the only one that respected to pay respect to my mum. I’m deeply touched because it actually means a lot! He even accompanied my aunt & me to pray my ancestors, & not once did he complain about anything. o.O

The day was amazing but at night, somehow we got into a huge fight over a small misunderstanding. It got crazy huge that I cried my heart out. One bad thing about Jo is, he always think that when I cry, it means I want to be left alone. So after going all the way to my place, he kept saying he’s leaving to return home. -.-” So it just made me felt way worst.

I had to chase him down my stairways & he didn’t stop till level 1. My frustration grew to the max & I asked what the hell is seriously wrong with him and squatted down to cry. -.- it still hurts even when I think back to the quarrel that night. 😦

I just want a peaceful relationship….


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