14 Apr – 15 Apr 2017

This weekend was supposed to be busy with Pet Expo and Artbox but the two events were huge disappointment.

14 Apr 2017

I went to Pet Expo with S in the morning and Pet Expo was a disappointment compared to previous years. Being typical Singaporean, my main purpose is to sweep freebies there. But their freebies, as compared to previous 2 years, diminished! Beats used to go there and enjoy many samples but they couldnt do anything this time round! -.-


Beats seemed so bored. Buddy got over excited and after ordering Subway for our lunch, he accidentally spilled my drink. -.- tsk. We went home pretty much empty handed.. only manage to purchase 6 bottles of coconut oil for Chia house & redeemed 2 pathetic goodie bags.

I rushed back home because I told Jo to meet at 2pm. He texted me early morning to say that he would go trekking with his colleagues. By 2pm, he wasnt done yet. -.-” Obviously, i wasnt happy. He only appeared at 5+pm, nearly 6pm. I tried to ignore him but I’ve no idea why I couldnt stay mad at him. My face lit when he came close. 🙂 I think my feelings for him is greater than I expected.

We decided to cab to Artbox and it was a wrong decision. It was soooo jammed! The crowd was unexpectedly crazy! When we entered, Jo’s face was okay but as we went in deeper, he got unhappy. haha. I realised he isnt a crowd person. We only managed to queue 2 stalls at the food corner & we surrendered. The fact that I was wearing heels wasnt helping much too. My legs were sore! I pulled Jo out and we decided to just settle our dinner at MBS. I decided on this Japanese Italian Restaurant that have really lousy service! We waited nearly 30 minutes for a table when we could clearly see many empty seats.


Their food was average. I ordered the Wagyu Beef Bolognese while Jo got the carbonara. Their carbonara wasn’t impressive and it was tasteless. Honestly, even Jo cooks better. After dinner, Jo was in mood for bowling so we decided to bring S along.


I found a guy who will massage my feet, each time I wear heels. Afraid that they might be too sore. 🙂

 We played 2 games and by the time we end, it is around 12midnight. Silly boy was getting really sleepy and couldn’t keep his eyes opened. 😦 He must be tired from all the trekking.


15 Apr 2017


He stayed over and we had lunch together. Not sure why, I didnt want him to leave me. 😦 He had to go home to finish some work and I kept asking what time will he be able to meet me. He couldnt give me an actual timing. This resulted in a huge fight afterwards.

During lunch, we went Bedok Central & it was my first time seeing him Mala. haha! He was perspiring a lot & I was the one wiping his perspiration away. Honestly, the sight is adorable and made me want to care for him even more. We went to the supermarket since he needed to get water & it was also our first time together at the supermarket.

I actually got my dad to send him home but he strongly resisted. tsk!


I just want to hold your hands, and never let go.


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