Feeling good


I was having an awesome day, feeling good about myself and my life. It’s like as though I’ve lifted the biggest weight off my shoulders.


Went to my monthly waxing appointment & it didn’t hurt a bit! The therapist was shocked about my age because she thinks I am still in my early 20s (not sure if i should see it as a compliment or not). She kept talking about IPL but I hate changes.. Waxing has been great, so I see no reason in switching.

I went to pick Jo up and everything just felt great. I’m very interested in Korea politics now, thanks to him. They will be electing another president so he was actually watching the debate and explaining to me what was happening. Come to think about it, Jo is like a old man in heart. haahah! He reads the news and all. One of his charm ^^

We had a small debating ourselves about informing his family that I will be heading over to meet them. He thinks that it isnt necessary since we’re all adults. But for me, I just need some sort of approval from them before I get my tickets. He have not gone home for 1.5 years and it isnt nice that i am interrupting their time together. He kept saying it’s alright but is it really? :/

I met the pri sch girls for 15-30 minutes. Lynn and Ame came over to my place to get the bralet that I’m giving Lynn. She confessed that she is seeing someone now, a colleague who is 7 years older. She was actually worried about my opinions about her. But I told her that her relationship is different, especially when she’s 27 and working her ass off. She is seriously very happy now! Getting excited just simply by talking about him 🙂 & as a friend, I’m SUPER happy for her. I asked if Leo knows about this and why are there no updates, she said she have already informed him but is kinda waiting for him to get official with his girl before she goes official. SEE! This is what I meant about ex-es that respect each other even when they are no longer together. Anyway, they asked about my relationship and I said everything is going great! They commented that my clothes are getting lesser & lesser on instagram. -.- is it? lol.

Returning back to my room, there Jo was.. sleeping. My hug woke him up and he said he actually only wanted to pretend to sleep but I took too long. lol. My feeling of just wanting to be with him without any worries is really strong. He hugged me back but he was really half dead. haha. I fell asleep snuggling with Jo, feeling loved and fantastic.

if only, everything is always perfect..




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