Video Calls


It’s funny how we don’t really chat on the phone but we’ll make a point to video-call when we don’t meet. ^^ I don’t know if this is the ‘honeymoon’ period in all the relationship but please don’t let it die off like my previous relationship :/

We talked about our Korea trip and I’m still hesitating to get my ticket without his family’s approval. But I don’t want to add stress to him. He have already gotten his tickets (17-28 May) so it’s either we go there together or come back together. It cost like 731 SGD from 17 May to 24 May. But I’ve nothing to do there even if I go for so many days! The main point for me is not to be a burden to him since his main purpose to go back is to spend time with his friends & family.  Since I can’t communicate with them at all, there is no point even if I tagged along like a lost puppy.

The air ticket is considered a little high too. So I’m considering buying one way Scoot. T.T no idea what to do actually.

Anyway~~~ initially, we wanted to spend 4 days together (like going camping, staying in a pension – Korea pension are breathtaking) while he fulfill his main purpose. After much consideration, I don’t want to be greedy. I can walk around myself. I am even considering traveling to Japan on my own but my dad scolded me for that idea. Tsk! I only want to experience going to the traditional village with him, wear hanbok and walk around together, visit his schools and favorite hangouts and experience dating in his own city….. (like how he used to with his ex-es -.-) I’m trying to get him to just go clubbing with me in Korea but he doesn’t seems too keen 😦 lol. Is it too much to consider getting a GoPro to document our first trip together?

I only managed to eat 1 bread the whole day & im still not hungry -.- I’m feeling horrible right now. My body is aching all over and my back shoulders are killing me! I am actually lying down in bed, typing this with my phone. :/ I can’t remember when was the last time I went to a spa 😦 so it gave me an idea to surprise Jo with a couple spa retreat this weekend! ^^ (provided if I can make an appointment).

You know, I’m actually the one planning dates in my new relationship, always putting in effort to bring him here and there. I supposed my past relationship made me realize how shitty I was that I’m making up for my mistakes. 🙂  Haha. I don’t mind being the one that plan and pay for all these surprises, as long as he is happy :))

The fact that I’m putting in so much effort in this relationship, I really hope it will be all worth it.

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