21 Apr 2017 – Artbox


​​I went to Artbox for the second time & the weather was killing me! I’m really not impressed. I was hoping for something to start my appetite again but nothing much interest me. 😦



I needed to rush home to send Ella & Louis home so I headed back home before the peak hours. I wouldnt want to turn into sardine at Artbox. hahaha.

Jo was supposed to stayover but as of now (12:45am), he is nowhere to be heard. -.- He ditched me for company bowling & darts. /sigh. Again, he made me feel lonely. I dont even feel like replying his text right now. His reply was SUPER slow the whole day anyway. :/

To think that I was supposed to be nice to him this week. tsk. I was seriously googling about all sorts of couple spa. My budget was only within 200 SGD but it seems impossible to get an appointment so last minute. T.T So I settled for something at 380 SGD this sunday. T.T It better be good & he better stop neglecting me after this. :/

Now thanks to him, Ive no idea what will happen to our date tomorrow. -.-

(1:41am) Jo appeared at my house a little drunk. He mentioned that he won’t be free tomorrow because of work. -.- so we had a fight. I’m crying while hes fast asleep -.- why is it that I put in so much effort to plan all sorts of things, but I don’t feel appreciated? Why is it every week, I only can have ONE weekend with him? T.T from super sleepy, I can’t sleep. How many more tears do I have to waste? He’s simply going to wake up tomorrow & just head back home. -.- I’m crying so badly yet no one cares. 我有男朋友,好像没男朋友。


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