22 Apr 2017 – Another Argument & Ola Beach Club

We woke up and he kinda pretended like nothing happened. We didn’t talk much because I needed to work. I pushed all my appointments to the morning, planning for today.. only to get ditched aside. I’ve no idea what happened to me. When my ex used to ditch me for work, I don’t feel a single thing. But why am I getting so affected each time by Jo? Am I turning into some attention whore? :/ I told him that I’m getting very exhausted about everything. He apologized.. this is the #%*] apology I’ve heard from him, but nothing’s changed. It seems standard that I’ll always only have a weekend with him.

I cried myself to sleep and still cry after I woke up -.- even I can’t stand myself now.

I feel kind of suffocated but yet, there’s nothing I can do.

He just sent me this text that left me really speechless. If I get sick of someone so easily, I wouldn’t have a r/s that went on for 5 years before it turned bad. I don’t wish to keep changing boyfriends at this age either -.- he just don’t seems to understand…………. the fact that I’ve accepted him, it is obvious I want him to be the last love and go all the way.

At around 2plus pm, he texted to say that he had excused himself from work because of me. By that time, I’ve cooled myself down. I felt really bad that I ruined his work. Why sometimes am I not understanding towards him? He even said that if it isnt too late, he would like to join me to go out again 😦 I really hope I am not that immature.. Will he get sick of me some day too? T.T The fact that I am angry about him ditching me for work, when I wasnt like that with my ex, made me realised that it may be because….. i love Jo more. Just to see him smile, I want to do so much for him.


I went to pick him up from his place to head to Sentosa as planned. I haven’t had anything to eat so I was pretty much starving by then. We got free parking, thanks to my dad.


I had the car to myself for the whole week since my folks are not at home. You know, I can admire the way he drives all day. LOL! I really really like it how he can drive with one hand, and hold my hand with the other free hand. ^^

We walked past this place called “Bikini Bar” and he joked about wanting to go there because all the waitress wears bikini. So I said I’m going to work there too. lol. I dont have the body la, but Jo never really point it out to my face like how my ex used to do. I can even imagine what my ex will say, “cannot…. your tummy is too big. hahahaha”. It is obviously a joke too but NEVER once, Jo will say anything that may make me feel bad about myself.


I decided on Ola Beach Club after seeing many instagram pictures. At this age, I’ve NEVER been to such places. LOL! I tend to complain about heat a lot at times but I didn’t mind at all. We’re melting in the heat but with the right company, everything felt great! The food was good~~~ Jo was perspiring a lot and I was so worried he wasn’t enjoying as much as i do. Come to think about it, no matter what we do, he don’t complain at all. Like when we went to Artbox, he obviously hated to be there because of the crowd but he didn’t complain. I know him well enough, so I know whenever he’s unhappy. 🙂

I hate it when he brushes all his hair to the side. lol.

I always feel fresh with Jo and this may sound creepy, but you know how in dramas, they will stare at their lovely partners? Well, I’m doing that. 🙂 i may watch too much dramas but dating Jo, I seriously feel like one of those main roles in a romantic K-drama.


He seriously know how to treat a girl well. I had sand all over my legs so he asked me to put my legs on him while he brushes the sand off with his hands. ^^ Jo is really a great guy & I’m super lucky to have him. Secretly, I love to listen to him speaking korean. LOL!


It was a good thing that I asked Sumon to join us since she have not had a day off for really long. hahaha. She even took really nice shot of Jo & I!

Our NGs

Haha, we have yet to get someone to talk picture for us so it was a little awkward. Who knows, the pictures turned out great!

The kissy ones

and the candid ones 

With that kind of heat, your energy will be SUPER drained. We decided to go our separate ways, till our movie at 11:50pm.


While waiting for everyone, I had a super bad headache. I tried to sleep on the couch but I couldnt sleep, was feeling weak all over. At about 1030pm, I went to pick Jo up from his place. I had been craving for apples a lot! His mum actually sent some fruits over so he offered to give me one of his korean apples.

Arriving at my place, he immediately went to cut for me. ^^ how sweet can he get!!


To be honest, I was hesitating to watch this show. I dont see any publicity around so I do not have much confidence.. I expected myself to fall asleep inside. S wanted to watch it so much so I brought her along and I don’t feel right watching a korean show without Jo. Anyway, the show turned out to be WAY better than what I expected (ok, i cried in the show again).

[SPOILER ALERT] The main character’s mum got killed and he was having a super hard time in the prison. There was a scene where he missed his mum so much, dreamt about her and cried hugging her. T.T I looked at Jo and I actually started wondering how much he misses home. Am I being selfish if I say i want him to settle down here with me? I had a brief thought of going back to Korea to for good, bu we all know it is kinda impossible.

In the movie, I kept stealing glances at Jo. I dont know why but I feel so in love with him these days. Am I going crazy?

just want to love you with no worries.


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