23 Apr 2017 – G.spa

Since we came home late last night, everyone decided to sleep in on a Sunday. I woke up at around 9:45am because Corey is coming in at 10. Stayed downstairs and edited this blog till I lost track of time. Silly boy came down with much sleepiness, looking for me. hahaha. I realised that I had to send Rei off to the groomers and I wanted to just drag him out. He kept insisting that he need to brush his teeth first. LOL!


We decided to have lunch at Doongji since baby boy was craving for some korean food. i can’t stop taking videos each time he pampers me by preparing my food. He is the first guy that kept doing all these! ^^

After lunch, we went to pick my dad up. The scene was actually quite funny with me, baby boy & Sumon picking my dad up all together. Baby boy was the one driving. We came home and the violent prosecutor was on tv.


The show is pretty interesting! We couldnt stop watching but since in between we got to run errands, we couldnt really enjoy it. I’m asking him to download for me so I can re-watch it. LOL!



102 Guillemard Road #02-02

Singapore 399719

I almost lost track of time again for our spa! We cab over and thankfully, they allowed to push back our appointment from 4pm to 415pm. We even had a small time to rest at the dining corner before our massage.

We went to the respective gender changing room and I think the both of us were like suakus. We didnt really know what to do. Thankfully there was an assistant inside to guide me.  We were then guided to wait at the dining area where they will identify us with our locker numbers.

One thing that surprised me was I wanted apple juice but I didnt inform baby boy before he left to order.


Guess what? He returned with apple juice. ^^ They even had watermelon juice that I always love, but he got me apple juice! hehehe.

The massage was great! I feel so much more relaxed now. Initially, it was rather painful but she commented that my back shoulders are super stiff. Gradually, I fell in and out of sleep. lol. At the end, she asked if I wanted to crack my neck. I heard it wrongly and simply said yes. To be honest, it is the first time I tried this. It was super scary! But I can’t deny i feel super good after that!

We only had 30 minutes at the private jacuzzi but they don’t really chase you out even if your time is out. You have to keep track of the time like any other responsible adults. haha. The facilities there are really good and you get to dine for free! If you want to use the public jacuzzi & steam room, it is gender specific. I supposed the 340 SGD was good money spent. I heard you can actually stay inside for up to 24 hours or something so if you need a place to relax, this is a good place to consider.

By the time we finished, it was already 6pm. We ate sandwiches in the dining area till we werent hungry anymore. We went back home to get my car to send him home. The day ended off really well. ^^


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