The day just got worst 

No matter how careful you are, shit will still happen. T.T I am still recovering from our fight and the person above the skies decided to make my life even more miserable.

I’ve been taking care of Peanut & Cookies (2 lovely puppies from SOSD) for the past 3 nights and today would be the end of their stay. I was so happy that Peanut finally got comfortable with me. I stepped out with Sumon to get groceries and when I got back, my neighbour told me that Peanut managed to jump out of my walls and escaped from the house -.-

I was a little unhappy with them because each time their dogs run out, I’m the one chasing after them. But yet they refused to at least drive and keep a lookout for Peanut for me. I literally panicked and started driving recklessly around the neighborhood. I couldn’t see Peanut anywhere. I called Jo and luckily, he finished work early today. He rushed down to my place and accompanied me to look for Peanut. We sent cookie home first to make sure she doesn’t get spooked out too. I told one of the SOSD volunteer that Peanut jumped out of our walls but she couldn’t believe. I told her what my dad analyzed.. Sumon was washing a cage this afternoon & she placed it too near the walls, creating some sort of stairs. Peanut must have jumped out from there. That was the only way we could think of.

Jo got worried by the way I drove but I refused to let him take over the wheels since I know my area best. I’ve searched for her from 5pm – 9pm, squeezing in all the dark alleys and thankfully, someone spotted her in one of the houses. We got her and everyone got so relieved. The maid of the house got me to even more trouble by saying that she didn’t exactly see the time but she thinks that Peanut has been with them since 3pm -.-  Obviously, the owner wasn’t too happy with me. I apologized in person and she scolded that I should be more careful with my gates. When I told her about the wall, she couldn’t believe it too.. insisting that they are way too high. :/

I finally broke down in the car and Jo had to console me a little. Actually the most important is that we found Cookie and she’s now safe and sound back at home.

I sent another apology text to the owner. I’ve no idea how could I have prevented this incident. In this business for 3 years, there are always new bad experiences :/ I pray that this is the last bad thing that happen ;(

I got home feeling really exhausted and I didn’t realize Jo was feeling unwell this whole time. I felt bad that I only realize that he’s a little weird after dinner. I offered to send him back home and he was already having cold sweat. 😦 that poor boy. I actually tried to talk things out about last night but he actually fell asleep in the middle of the discussion -.-

I’m going to head to bed now! I’m having some bad headache again -.-


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