when you tried to be romantic


I’ve been disturbing baby boy in Korean today and i’ve actually been memorizing 2 sentences for the past few months that means a lot to me. I still feel shy around him & I was supposed to tell him in person. Sad to say, when I tried to say the sentences (i even recorded myself. sound stupid, i know), I have a really weird accent and I’m not exactly sure if the sentence structures are correct. T.T I wouldnt want to make a fool out of myself. :p Anyway, it was supposed to be romantic but he just got to spoil it by saying im weird. LOL!

After settling my work today, I was drafting up a surprise celebration plan for our birthdays & I got too engrossed (im supposed to focus on our upcoming Korea trip instead. :p)! I want it to be perfect that I worry so much that it will be a flop. Basically, I’m going to kidnap him to Bali – from packing his things for him, dragging him to the airport and finally BALI! LOL! I got exactly 3 months to plan. There is a small problem…. i have a workaholic boyfriend that is reluctant to use his well-deserved offs.

One of our tenants will be moving out end of May so I suggested to my dad that the boyfee should move in. But my dad is kinda against of that idea. He thinks that we will not ‘behave’ ourselves. -.- “You girls are always at the disadvantage.” tsk. So I’m being tasked to find new tenants again. I tried to convince him that Jo should move in but he changed topic to my brother wanting to get a car.

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My dad started talking about how nice of a sister I should be. -.-” He said that I should lend some money to my brother to buy a car. He needs a car there since he got dispatched to work at some village, far away from home. Without a car, it is really inaccessible. My cousin bought a car for 400 AUD in Perth, okay la, it was old but usable. The car that my brother wants to buy is 12,000 AUD. He just need to use the car for 3 months. -.-

Since young, I always thought my parents are biased against my brother. When he move house, I should contribute to his expenses. Whenever he needs money, I should contribute. My family are of middle class, we’re neither rich or poor. We can buy branded stuff to pamper ourselves now and then but not everyday. I earn a stable 4-digits figure (above average) but my family always see me as earning 5-digits & that is what pisses me off. I’m more than happy to give them all that I have if they are seriously in need of money or in deep trouble. I may sound like some ungrateful brat but this is one of the things that I get stressed of – my family taking money from me as though I’m some ATM. They HAVE the money but…. they just like to take it from me somehow. /shrugs. The shitty thing is each time if I refuse to give, they will start saying me with nasty comments like I see money more important than our kinship. -.-

My brother texted me about his car & I asked him directly if he needed money. My brother knows me really well so he said he won’t touch me unless necessary. He said he will try to get a loan first. Being really soft-hearted, I feel somewhat bad. But I wouldnt want him to start depending on me either.

just keep swimming – Dory


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