Fuwa’s 2nd Birthday


Fuwa has been with me since she was only 5 months old. So since today is her actual birthday, we decided to throw a birthday party for her with all the furbabies!

One of the things that I love about my job is we get to celebrate such special day with all the furbabies. They probably wont know why were they getting extra delicious treats but at least the party mood was there!

Her cake was from SgBarkery and the damage was only $35.80. I got the medium size, hoping to get leftovers for beats to enjoy tomorrow but there were too many guests today.

It was SUPER difficult to gather them all around the table to take a proper picture of the celebration. Few of them don’t even bother to walk towards me, no matter how much I call them. -.- They don’t really know what they were missing ok. lol


To avoid any casualties, we had to feed them one by one. I didn’t dare to feed the guests too much because I’m not too sure who has sensitive stomach. Lily was too picky so I tried to test her with a small piece & she just ignored me. 😦 It was hilarious when Fuwa tried to run away with her cake and Buddy ate WAY too fast (haiyo). Sumon stubbornly used a really small bowl for Milo. insisting that he will eat like a gentleman. tsk. haha. okay la, I shall just make myself happy to say we (including the furry ones) all enjoyed ourselves. :p

The most wonderful feeling is that you’re appreciated. Fuwa’s owners thanked me for the party and were really pleased. 🙂


​Jo cultivated the habit of writing letters to express ourselves in our relationship. He started it because he always have difficulty expressing his mind to me face-to-face. We decided to exchange letters about the latest fight we had. Apparently, I finished mine first and I’ve already passed it to him. tsk. He has been really busy with work so I told him to just take his time whenever he’s ready. I’m trying to be really understanding about his work.


While he went to the showers, I managed to snap a quick picture of his passport to get the surprise tickets. I think I am really bad at planning surprises because he seems to suspect something -.- He kept asking why am I asking him to take leave on the 21st of July (which is a friday) and to keep the weekends free. To clarify myself, I only asked him twice!

By the way, I hate it how his passport photo look somewhat decent. lol. & he kept saying he took that picture in a rush so it’s damn ugly. -.-

With the korea election coming up, I actually find it super interesting that Koreans abroad can vote way earlier than the Koreans back at home. He will actually be heading to the embassy tomorrow to do the voting. I would die to accompany him but I’m not too sure if I am even allowed in. He told me the guy that he is going to vote but I kept getting confused who is who. Still, baby boy still updates me about what’s happening. 🙂

that’s all, folks!



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