1 May 2017 – Feeling weird


I woke up fantastic! I had the same kind of bad dreams many times for the past few months and this time, it didn’t rip me apart! I officially declare that I no longer have that heavy stone in my heart.

Jo had been really annoying in the morning because he was like an alarm.. no matter how much I snooze, he’ll drag me out of bed. It’s a public holiday and no one wakes up 9ish! Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed and do all my chores. Jo had the idea of cooking for lunch so we took the car & headed over to Parkway for some groceries shopping.

I am not a huge fan of Giant but NTUC didn’t have the meat that Chef Jo wanted. lol. Ive no idea what he wanted to cook.

You have to admit, you’ll love your guy even more if he knows how to cook. I am always looking forward to his cooking. He was only going to cook a dish and I was super contented. It was sooo good! He didn’t want to believe me though, insisting that it’s too flat. -.-” We somewhat worked together for this lunch! 😀 Since I cant cook, I washed the vegetables, prepared the plates and cooked rice! ^^ One day…. one fine day i’ll be the one cooking :p


Simple dinner, happy tummy! Dad actually thought we were only going to eat cabbage. -.-


My 3 favorite boys that I can’t live without!

Haha! Cooking drained too much of his energy. He seriously fell asleep once he lied down. I scolded him because he was the one that kept bugging me to wake up early on a public holiday. It is actually quite interesting to see him lying on bed with my doggies. He used to be super scared of them & when we first got together, I know he wasn’t too fond of the idea of sleeping with dogs. Somehow, because of me, he is willing to do so 🙂 He even tried to control the dogs for me when I got too busy. It was a funny sight that I can’t help smiling to myself. That silly boy even commanded them in Korean that somehow they listened. HAHA!


We went to watch Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. I always feel bad watching such shows with Jo because I somehow know he didnt watch the first one and he sometimes rely on Korean subtitles. So chances of him not understanding the show is high. I couldnt stand the cuteness of Groot! ❤ Guess what? I cried again in the show and I think it is not a surprise to him by now. I cried rather badly (if you watch, you can actually guess which scene was it. Shall not be a spoiler) and thankfully, Jo has a handkerchief with him at all times. lol!

Honestly, I do not know why I felt that my feelings are so strong for him throughout the whole movie. He somehow gave me the feeling of having a first love all over again. He takes care of me well and I’m really happy. We went back to my place after having some soup spoon for dinner. I was rushing to complete my chores and we even bought Soju back to enjoy.

My mood all got ruined when he said he feels like staying home instead. -.-” One moment I am at the top of the mountain, the next moment.. I’m being thrown down from there. I know i am being selfish to say this, but you can have alone time even when youre with me. Bring your laptop & i’ll set the table for you. You can do your own stuff while I do mine. It just feels weird each time when he somehow ‘request’ to stay away from me. I started to wonder, in the past my ex will want to stayover each time he had the chance to.. but now I somewhat got to beg Jo to stayover. :/ I know we’ve been spending time together since Friday but…. :/ I am becoming obsessive and eventually, it is not doing us any good.

Life is annoying. When you finally get rid of a burden, another one pops up. Somehow, I feel something is missing. I love him a lot, but there is this weird feeling that is happening inside. I can have a really strong feeling of loving him but at the end of the day, I am always getting disappointed somehow. The problem lies with me but what is it? :/ Each time when I am feeling like that, I tend to be really cold to him.. which is super unfair to that poor fellow. ;(

that’s all, folks.


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