30 Apr 2017 – Voting Day!


We woke up early since it was voting day for him. I wanted to just be a busybody and tagged along. haha. It was super quick. He went in and out just like that but his colleagues had to wait for an hour on Saturday.

he came out as a proud citizen ;P

He was actually being annoyingly sweet, might be an attempt to make things up from our quarrel. I wore a white normal off-shoulder dress & he just kept complimenting me. -.- lol so much that I had to ask him what’s seriously wrong with him.


I was craving for a spaghetti that I ate ages ago and I have not been to Town for damn long. Sadly, I think the taste wasn’t what I remembered as. 😦 huge huge disappointment and I had to spend $60+ for it. -.-” Jo didnt order anything else other than a green tea, so technically I am the one spending that much. tsk.


ohoh! did i mention? I’m in love with Jo’s lips. LOL! He has naturally pouted lips that I am jealous of. And at certain times, he has naturally ombre pink lips that pisses me off. lol. His nose is also SUPER nice.. basically he has super good face proportions. Super unfair because I had to spend money to improve my own face. -.-“


the day ended off well with him staying over again. 🙂

that’s all, folks! 


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