Woes as a Petsitter


​It is my 3rd year doing this business and although there are some downs, I am really getting the hang of this. People always wonder how can I take care of so many dogs at one time. But once you get to know them, it’s pretty easy. The worst clients are the aggressive ones and super timid ones. One bad thing of this job is the heavy responsibility. Any small mishap, you will be the first to get blamed.

Owners will never think that it is their dog’s fault. Taking the most recent incident as an example, if the dog isn’t too timid, she wouldn’t jump out of my walls for no reason. There was another case when a timid dog literally jumped out of my window from the second floor. -.- Even though I have my own 2 rescue, I am now super hesitant about accepting them. It is way too difficult to handle when they are that timid, to an extend of putting themselves in danger. That said, obviously we were at fault for somewhat creating the opportunities. There are a total of 2 deaths that I’ll never forget and will never stop blaming myself. But like what my brother said, “if you really want to do something, learn from these mistakes”. That’s how people grow, learning from mistakes.

The best part about this job, is to feel really good to get appreciated. Jerlin recently sent his dog to me & his was a rejection case. He sent his dog to his friends that didn’t know how to handle his dog, claiming that Juno kept barking in the middle of the night. Here, he was a cutie pie! When we finally met after ages, he couldn’t thank me enough. 🙂

My business grew mainly from word of mouth and regulars that said “it’s nice that we found you”. When expat regulars leave for another country, they thanked me with “we’ll never find a pet sitter as good as you.” I can never imagine myself stopping this because it is probably the only thing I am good at.

No matter how much I love my job, I get stressed up a lot. A couple of dogs will show totally natural characteristics here but change their behavior for 1-2 days back at home. When this happen, owner blames you. I will end up blaming myself because I’ve no idea what went wrong. Currently, I also have my first customer that refuses to pay despite reminders.

It is super normal to get bitten by dogs & i’ve got ton of scars caused by doggies. This morning, I got woken up by my own dog’s bite. I have a habit of kicking blankets while asleep & I guess I was doing that when Milo was sleeping around my leg. He decided to bite my feet. The wounds may seem small but it stings like hell. I can barely walk now because each time I walk, it hurts. T.T I am honestly afraid to go shower, knowing that I’ll be in great pain later. Both my dad and Jo suggested to just take a plastic bag and wrap my feet, but that never works! The water will end up sipping through and still cause pain! I decided to treat Milo with cold shoulder but you can never stay mad at a dog for long. lol. Even though youre injured or sick, it is almost not possible to stop working 😦

My social life was greatly depleted after I’ve started this work. There is no fixed working hours, you practically need to standby the whole day till you shut your eyes for the night. The most busy time will be walking (morning/night) and feeding (morning/evening). Ever since the start of this year, I am trying to manage my time better and is going out more. I put too much pressure on myself that I lost many things. My job was one of the many reasons why things between my ex and I became stale. My ex used to say, dogs are more important than my boyfriend. haha. Come to think about it, I can never follow him to his events or places he want to go. Although he is with someone that I greatly disapprove, it is nice to know he moved on with someone somewhat more suitable, someone who is willing to follow him everywhere with no commitments.

Jo is gradually getting used to my lifestyle, even suggesting that he’ll bring a book to read while waiting for me to finish my work. lol. I used to travel a lot too, without any hesitation, but it is not possible now. I am dying to go to Paris with my parents this weekend but Suarez will be coming over! 🙂 So I guess I shall just cancel and stay home with Suarez. hehe.

Things are gradually getting back on track. :))

T.T the pain seems to got worst! i dont think Mr Jo is coming to take care of me today. :((((

that’s all, folks!




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