Blessed to have you

Jo and I were talking on the phone at about 11pm. I told him that I was afraid to shower and he immediately rushed down. I knew he was very tired from work and had no initial intention to meet me. But he did.. just to help me wrap my feet. 🙂 I kept saying that his plastic bag method would most likely fail, but he said he had an idea – wearing an extra cotton socks.

I was still arguing that it won’t work but he was explaining seriously that the water will be absorbed by the socks and I’ll still have another 2 layers of plastic bag to protect my feet. haha. Ended up, it worked like wonder. My feet was super dry. hahaha! I took pictures & he joked “I am sure you are going to post online & say that someone helped you with your feet. Why am I always someone?” :p

My wounds look disgusting from all the iodine but it is getting better. It still hurts & I am still walking funny. Sumon got so annoyed and called me a crybaby. -.-” tsk. My pain tolerance is way higher than anyone but Milo just bit me at all the wrong places.

After much consideration, I decided to not go Paris this weekend. My dad is already going which means he will be handling all businesses there. My SM will also be tagging along so it doesn’t sound right that we are spending an additional 1.3K SGD just for me to go there and ‘play’. They will only be there for 3 days. -.-” My dad was laughing at me, saying that I was the one who made so much noise to go and I am also the one that decided not to go. My accountant is on maternity leave so I actually have many work to do, including taking care of my furbabies. Got over it and just purchased tickets for them. I shall see you next time, Paris.

Consoling myself, I will be travelling end of this month – Korea & July – Bali. I just got our tickets for Bali but I’ve no idea how to buy my tickets for Korea. I may be repeating because I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this. (I have really bad memory) It cost almost 800 SGD and it just doesn’t make sense to me to go there for just a few days. But if I go any longer, what the hell am I going to do there? tsk. Oh, my surprise plan isn’t a surprise anymore but I will only let him know we’re taking the plane. Hopefully I can manage to hide the destination from him until we reach there. haha. I just increased my budget for the hotel & it better be worth it.

A random thought, Jo was telling me on Monday that he realised whenever I am angry or talk too fast, I will tend to talk a lot in Singlish. He finds it funny. :/ Come to think about it, I avoid using Singlish in front of him because I do not want him to pick it up. But I think I am getting comfortable with that bugger. 🙂 They say couples tend to pick habits from one another. I picked up bowing to people as a courtesy and he argued that I picked all the bad things from him like driving fast when we are unhappy, saying I want to go home when we are unhappy and going into darkzone. lol. In any ways, I really feel grateful for Jo to enter my life at the right time. I don’t know what I’ll become, if there is no him. :/

It is a boring day with simply just work. I didn’t meet Jo either. 🙂

That’s all, folks!


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