As an introvert

I’ve always been an introvert, feeling awkward with crowds and I tend to be really quiet if I am not too close to you. It even took me a while to be comfortable with my boyfriend. I am always mindful about what other people may think about me, wanting to create the perfect image to everyone (highly impossible). Very very self-cautious about myself. Sometimes, I try too hard. I worry about what people think too much.

With a widowed dad, I grew up considerably okay. No one is perfect and I’ve made tons of mistakes in my life.

I do not smoke (tried and still hated it a lot), do not really like drinking (only go whenever I am upset or stressed) and don’t party often (even if I want to 😡). I am generally nice, too nice in fact. Considered rather soft hearted too, I cry easily. I may sound a little too proud of myself but I am seriously those kind of girl that any guy can easily bring home to introduce to his family. Based on my experience, their mums/grannies liked me. But why am I still so nervous about meeting his parents? 😦 To a point, I am hesitating to get clothes that are totally not my style.. just to impress them. I obviously know how revealing some of my clothes are. Jo joked that I have to go with jeans and find something that covers up to my neck. But no one wears that during summer!

It seriously doesn’t make things any better that I can’t communicate with them! 😦 His dad used to text his ex a lot. According to what I’ve heard, his dad is really a very fun person to be with. I am a super family-oriented person and Jo is just like me. I’m dying to get to know his family more, to be closer with them. I may watch too many K-dramas but I really really pray hard that they like me, even though I am a foreigner that steal their only son/brother away from them. T.T

he & his silly nonsense

This may sound cheesy but I call Jo my sunshine, & he literally is. He lights up my life and is the one that make me a better me. My dad was randomly asking me about Jo during lunch. He said that even though my ex was a great guy, he always felt we are not right for each other. He said he spoilt me too much and my ex would eventually run out of his patience with me. He’s pleased with Jo but still worried because he is a foreigner after all. :/ I didn’t really know what to say because it got awkward. I don’t usually discuss about my relationship with him.

Just 2 more weeks…………..

This song is stuck in my head. I’m off to some cosmic bowling! ^^

that’s all, folks!


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