Customers, Customers


So I just lost a customer, just like that…..

There will always be a certain group of customers that aint smart. They simply assume too much. You may argued that since I am the ‘seller’, the least I could do was to text her back that I got home. But, how difficult it is for her to just ring a doorbell? I’ve already done by part to say that I am rushing home. To defend myself, I actually did forget to message her. The moment I got home, I started doing my daily chores and left my phone aside. She only texted me once and did not even bother to call me. What confuses me too is that she chose to wait outside the house, refused to get off the car and just ring the god damn bell to check if I’m home. -.- Such a big house, in broad daylight, there ought to be someone at home.. JUST RING THE BELL! I know I could have handled this differently by just informing her that I got home but people forget, especially busy people. tsk. My main point is since she already came all the way & was in a rush, why couldn’t she just come right to the doorstep? Rather than playing the waiting game with me. /argh. I treat my customers with respect and I am super nice with them. But a handful of them is just not making things any better.

just a short whining session to make myself feel better 😀




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