5 May 2017 – Cosmic Bowling


We wanted to try something special, rather than the usual bowling experience. The initial plan was to go to the Tampines SAFRA outlet but I think they have already closed down. 😦 The next closest one would be in eHub, a place that I don’t really wish to go anymore.

Earlier on, I dropped my parents at the airport and sent them a text when I got home. My dad got so shocked that I reached home too soon. -.-” But I lost my way a little, even remembering just trying my luck with routes.


It was somewhat a disappointment when we got there. It was way too bright for a cosmic bowling 😦 It wasnt what I was looking for. I expected it to be like in pictures, everything glow in the dark… not just dark. But it is cheap! One lane for $30 and unlimited number of plays for an hour (for us, it was good enough for 2 games).

Jo was not feeling too good, tired from work so we headed home directly. I was the one behind the wheels and we checked… i only spent 15 minutes to drive us home. Jo has been saying recently i’ve been ‘angry driving’ too much. tsk. I dont feel that way though, but anyhoo~ it’s a good thing that I’m driving well now 😀

look who’s back to accompany over the weekends!?!? ❤



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