6 May 2017 – 24 hours


if everyday can be this carefree….

This is the most happening 24 hours I had in a long time!

Our house got invited by #12 for their wedding. The invitation came as a surprise because even though we live side by side for 27 years, we do not greet each other. I’ve no idea who lives there except for this old uncle who spends most of his time doing gardening outside of the house.

Stepping into their house full of strangers, it was pretty awkward for us. I’ve no idea who to look for, who to pass the angbao to or even who is the bride & groom. We introduced ourselves as “the one next door”. -.- Since it is a joyous occasion, they welcomed us warmly and guided us to the buffet. As expected, I could only eat the fried fish + rice since everything was spicy.

This marks our first wedding together and at least it will be memorable for him since it is also his first time visiting a Malay wedding. I had no idea what to wear and Jo didnt want me to wear white. He said that in Korea, people tend to avoid wearing white or anything outstanding because you’re not suppose to outshine the bride. On the other hand, I thought white was more formal for the occasion.


doesn’t matter who we suppose to greet, we wishes you two a blissful marriage! (;


Since I cannot be in Paris to enjoy my weekends, I booked us a staycation at Naumi Hotel! I wanted to drive there but sadly, they do not have any carpark space. 😦 Jo did not prepare the stuff he needed so we had to cab down to his place to collect his stuff and then cab down to the hotel. Extra money wasted. 😦



disturbing someone playing with the coffee machine ;P

I am super pleased with the room! It’s small but super comfy. The bed is to die for. lol. The toilet is transparent but it is actually a magic glass. There’s a switch for you to change it so it will not be too embarassing. 😉

The main reason why I choose Naumi is because of their infinity pool! When we got up there, it was smaller than what I expect, but good enough. I didn’t dare to go into the pool because there were some ang mohs relaxing at the benches after their swim. (I care too much that I felt awkward).

The food wasn’t impressive (59 SGD for the above) so I would suggest not to order anything from the rooftop bar (which opens from 5pm – 11pm by the way). We took pictures and stayed up for about an hour or so before retreating back to our room.


I actually had the urge to run back home, just to ensure everything was alright but we were not supposed to think about work for a day. I texted my tenant just to make myself feel better. At one point, my head was literally spinning and it felt horrible.

It was already time for dinner and we had no idea what to eat! It also suddenly came to me that I actually forgot to bring makeup removers, which means need to spend more money on things that I do not exactly need now. -.- Instead of walking to Raffles City, we ended up going to Bugis instead. IT WAS FREAKING NEAR! I’ve not been to Bugis since @#!@#! years and it brought back so many memories as a seconday school girl. haha!

 We randomly decided on a japanese store that I did not manage to get the name. A simple udon was good enough because I was aiming for my honeymoon dessert!! 😀 Ever since they decided to close down the parkway branches, i cannot ease my craving for it as and when I want. 😦 It has been months since I last got the chance to savour my favorite. Jo ordered the red bean that I cannot appreciate at all. It tasted all weird and I didn’t like it. lol. Come to think about it, Koreans really like red bean stuff!


We took our time to slowly walk back & we never walked like that before! I told him I actually like to walk around with him like that. ^^ When we got back to our room, Jo opened up the window and the view was amazing! I can stare at that all day and it was really nice lying on bed with that view, snuggling with someone you love. We rested a little and Jo suggested to hit the rooftop again.


It was even more beautiful at night up there. Comparing with MBS, I actually think Naumi is better. You do not have to squeeze with tons of people and you get to enjoy more privacy. So much more quieter in Naumi.


We talked a lot about all sorts of different things. I realised Jo broke off with his ex-gf of 2.5 years for 6 months before we got together and mine was 3/4 months. So we discussed about how long exactly should 2 ex-lovers wait before they should move on. He told me a story about his ex roommate. That guy was emo about his breakup and always mentioned about missing his ex. Then, 2 days later he found a new girlfriend. When people asked him how can he move on so fast when he was still emo-ing 2 days ago. That friend actually talk about light’s speed, which I had no idea what is the link. Is there actually a time frame for such things? When he asked me back how long do I think is right, I could not answer. It still really depends on the duration of how long the two lovers were together. Then again when you think about it, since two people are no longer together… why would you still wait? and what will you exactly be waiting for? He tried to end the discussion by saying old lovers are meant to be replaced by new lovers. -.- lol I looked at him and gave him my -.- look.

When we returned back to the room, silly boy was fooling around. I told him I want a ‘morning coffee’ picture when we wake up. He started to act cool and posing around the windows. LOL. It cracked me up.


I just had to post that picture because when I saw him, I burst out laughing. He acted like a professional masseur, even bringing the massaging oil. I fell asleep just like that. Have i ever mentioned Jo massages really well? He got really strong fingers that even a flick of his fingers hurts like hell. haha. We slept till 8am and when I woke up, I couldn’t believe it is the next day already 😦

Our reservation came with the breakfast and it was actually a difference of 40 SGD to include this breakfast (available from 7am – 10am). I am not sure if it exactly is worth it but I guess the convenience was there. Jo is somewhat good in food placement. lol. Look at how nice his plate looked!


We went back up to the rooftop for one last time before our check out. The weather was not too nice to us and I cannot really take nice pictures! 😦 At least Jo was enjoying himself in the waters. lol


Jo is now officially my instagram photographer. HAHAHA! 

Every good things got to come to an end. 😦 Checking out actually meant we were going to go separate ways that marks the end of our weekend dates. He needed to go home to finish his stuff. Pfft. I then spent my Sundays at home, finding stuff to do.

that’s all, folks!


thank you for creating a stress-free 24 hours, allowing me to push my worries aside. 😉

to more ‘first time’


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