I woke up with an intense pain in my abdomen. 😦 it’s tough being a woman.

Lying in bed, trying to head back to sleep. And this is the time when I usually do a lot of nonsense thinking.

Question: If your girlfriend’s social media has NOTHING about you, are you guys really fine with it? Given the fact that you’re crazy in love with your girlfriend.

There’s something that I am curious about but I think there will never be an answer. I know of someone who is very very active in social media. Someone of her status and age would have plastered her new boyfriend everywhere. But not a single mention or pictures can be found. Even when her boyfriend tagged their only couple picture, she left there for a while and ultimately removed it from her page. We’re talking about a new relationship here. One that is already approaching 6 months now?

Every girl does it. We get excited about a brand new relationship. Flaunting my new love on my social media is not an attempt to prove to anyone that I am doing better. But it’s just because I want to, feeling very much in love. When I first got together with my ex, I too was really happy about it, talking about all our first dates. So why is this particular person doing nothing? It’s weird and confusing. It’s none of my business but it’s bothering me when I think about it because her boyfriend was someone really close to me.

It may be because she isn’t those kind that display her love but she is. She does that to her previous boyfriend with even more intimate pictures could be seen. Honestly, at some point I stopped flaunting about my ex and I because I guess the feelings was already fading, along with the interest of doing so. We just stopped taking pictures but I have many pictures of our initial years.

This is something that I can’t help thinking about. I’ve observed new relationships of other guy friends and their girlfriends also talked a lot of them. Even when their relationships are only a month old. But just not this one. Declaring your love is a beautiful thing. You don’t have to do it like always… but give your boyfriend the credit he deserves. That poor guy is bringing her everywhere.. to expensive places, overseas, spa, business events etc. She probably rewards him ‘behind-the-scenes’ but.. yea, my point is why wasn’t he mentioned anywhere?

So, what’s her reason? Is it because of their wide age gap of 10 years, she is embarrassed about him? Or, she just doesn’t want people who are not close to her to know she’s attached?

As long as he’s happy, I guess nothing else matters. I actually tried to talk him out of this relationship before but he doesn’t listen. He even thinks that I was simply jealous and wants him to be single. So….. oh well! Hahahah, I shall go get a life and stop concerning about matters that ain’t my business.

there are many ways to show affections to your partner & you should never stop displaying it. I learnt that from my last relationship that helped me a lot in my current relationship. Always date as though everyday is a first date. 🙂 never stop chasing each other.

With lots of love,



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