A difficult relationship


When two people of different culture and origin fall in love, it is the most beautiful thing. But the relationship is tougher to sustain than any other. Our language barrier always causes us to quarrel and have many misunderstandings, which in turn inflicted lots of pain between us.

After experiencing a break up, I changed myself to a more active person (getting out of my comfort zone). I really want to be Jo’s bestfriend that he can do ANYTHING with. In the past, i’ll never step into gym, ever. When my ex used to drag me, I would rather die than to agree. But I wouldn’t mind hiking with Jo and even started joining him to gym just so that I can spend more time with him.


With Jo, I just want to love him and treat him with all greatness but as time goes by, it gets tougher. This is by far the most challenging relationship i’ve ever have and he is someone that I have so much feelings for in such a short period of time. I’m scared, scared of getting hurt again and having to go through the pain of losing someone all over again.

I could express myself in Korean and told him how I seriously feel – that our relationship consists more pain and it is getting way too difficult for me to handle. His translated words –

“Our relationship is tougher than others. It is not easy but you can not give up, no matter how difficult it is” 

At this point, I am just in a loss.. having no idea what to do next. :/ I think I can never find someone like Jo & I cannot imagine him being with someone else ;( The only reason he is staying in Singapore is me and if anything happens between us, it means I can never see him again. 😦 The thought of that is enough to put me in tears.

He is in fact the person that makes me a better me. My bad attitude is well controlled, never once showed it to him, unless when we fight. I totally dont use vulgarities at all, even though he does use it when he gets too angry. Come to think about it, we are very much alike despite the fact that we’re from two different countries. I really do not wish to lose him but when it gets too painful, I just want to let it all go. :/

That said, I’ll never stop trying 🙂 I dont understand how can someone (his ex) let Jo slip away? He’s a great guy and I’m lucky to have him 🙂 Hopefully the countless tears shed are all worth it.

너 진짜 내꺼야? ☺️☺️

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