3 types of guys you will meet

I came across an actress – Myolie Wu’s interview once that I thought was interesting. Every girl will meet 3 guys in her life. She said this based on her own experience. In case you’re not aware, she was dating another actor (Bosco Wong) for 7+ years before calling it quits. She then went on to marry a guy she didn’t date for long and is pretty much very happy. I cannot find the article anywhere now but I remember briefly.

  1. The First Love
  2. The Guy who basically teaches you many things and help you to grow
  3. The Guy who make you feel like it’s first love all over again, making you really feel like a fairytale princess. 

(writing this while waiting for a owner 🙂 )

The First Love

He will be the one that let you experience everything about love for the first time. The first kiss, the first date, your first “i love you” to a guy etc.  My first love was at a young age of 13 and he was (still is) a handsome lad. At that age, you’re probably a believer in fairy tales and being one of those, I fantacize a lot about romance. He was basically every girl’s dream – the popular kid who plays basketball in school and I was a nerdy girl that got bullied for being ‘too ugly’. I couldn’t believe he even liked me. Everyone were jealous of me for dating him. Sadly, the happiness was short-lived. I think we were both way too young and we just kept quarrelling over all sorts of things. We dated for a good 10-12 months (can’t exactly remember now). Oh yes, your first break up. We broke off after a huge quarrel and immediately, he dated another girl (-.-). When I tried to get him back, his exact words were “I actually used her as a rebound but I ended up falling for her. Im sorry.” ha! I remember it clearly because it was the very first time I felt the pain caused by love. I took ~7 YEARS to really get over him and no matter how many guys I’ve dated in between, he was unforgettable until guy #2.

The Guy who basically teaches you many things and help you to grow

He may or may not be your longest one but he will be the one that impact your life the most. For me, this guy happens to be my longest – 5 years of happiness + 2 years of prolonged agony = 7 years. Before I met him, I was basically a very naive girl who trusted guys very easily. I do not sleep around but I just accepted guys’ advances to date easily. I wasn’t some cheap slut but I dated too much guys, which was good enough to give me a bad name. At one point, I even allowed my first love to take advantage of my lingering feelings for him. I am those foolish girl that drinks finish a whole table of alcohol, got blackout drunk just because I didn’t want to ‘waste’ the alcohol. He was the only guy that successfully got rid of my “first love”.

For a moment, he was all that I wanted. By spending the whole of my young adult days with him, I basically grew up under his care. He taught me all the right values and I stopped being a “player“. But sadly, we got too comfortable with each other. Our relationship was long over that it dragged for a whole 2 years before it finally ended. We talked about marriage, spending the rest of our lives together. But I begged him not to propose because I didn’t feel ready.. Somehow or rather, I wasn’t very sure about us.

It didn’t take very long for the both of us to move on, 3 months for him and 4 months for me. I wasn’t too happy at first, because it felt like all the values he taught me was all wrong by his actions after our breakup. I struggled a lot but surprisingly, I only took another 5 more months to get him out of my system (sorta). Honestly, it is not possible to FULLY get over this guy #2 because of what he did in your life. For me, I think I will always feel something towards him (it isn’t love or anytime romantic anymore. honestly i’ve no idea what it is.)

In fact even after the break up, you’ll probably turn to a new person thanks to him. I got out of my comfort zone and practically am no longer a ‘boring’ person.

The Guy who make you feel like it’s first love all over again, making you really feel like a fairytale princess. 

I am experiencing this currently and I’ve no idea if he will be the one who I walk the aisle with, but I hope this shall be the last. Time is not a factor and it doesn’t matter how long or short you guys knew each other. You just hope that he will be the bestfriend (but not Friend zone) forever… He brings the feeling of one true love like in fairytale and you will pretty much feel like a princess always. Every dates will always feel like the first and your heart will always flutter for him. He makes time fly by whenever you are with him, be it sitting with him in comfortable silence or when you are talking non-stop about the happenings of your day. He makes time stand still when you gaze into his eyes and you realize you are just as in love with him now as day one.

He doesn’t take you for granted and constantly looks for reasons to love you more. He pledges not to be the reasons for your tears but to give you more reasons to smile.

Even though we are currently going through a ‘test’ in our relationship, he hates to see me cry. He loves the geeky me with messy hair that wears sloppily for daily chores, the soft me that cries even in cartoons and the vain me that dresses up for him. No matter what it is, I’m always beautiful in his eyes. I can feel confident about myself through him. I got really comfortable with him that I am not afraid of trying out new things with him.

I still feel excited to meet him and whenever I see him, my heart beats faster. I sometimes even find myself smiling when I think about him in the middle of something. haha. Every morning without fail, he will definitely send a good morning message. or if he wakes up beside me, he will kiss me softly on the forehead and ask if I slept well. 🙂

He made me believe in love at a time when i almost lost all hope in it. He made me feel that love and happiness are synonymous and you never have to have one without the other.

Whatever you learnt with the experience with Guy #2, you’ll probably apply into the relationship here and hopefully make the relationship last. No matter what, you guys will still stick together and… HAPPY ENDING! lol.

till next time,


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