I’m heading to Korea!!

Hehehe, after much procastination, I finally got my tickets!!~~~~ I purchased it without much thought so I probably going to end up whining a little. I was having a ‘roti-prata’ moment whereby I was hesitating about travelling with him on the same dates. I got worried about the dogs, about the office work. I actually discussed with my dad and he also suggested to just go throughout. He joked that I should meet all his friends & do some background check on him. lol. Anyway, I just purchased 17 – 28 May. ONLY 612 SGD! 😀 I’m equally excited, nervous and scared. According to his timetable, I will only be able to meet him from 23 – 26 May, which means out of the 11 days there, we will only be together for 4 days. So what the hell am I going to do there alone for 7 days? -.- He said he is going to reshuffle his schedule…. hmm~~~~~~~

Jo warned me NOT to go play the catching UFO game. LOL! When I was there the previous time, I ended up coming back with hell lots of toys that is currently put aside collecting dust. Everyone is threatening to throw them to the dogs but I just can’t bear to do that. I’m good at it ok! & it is seriously SUPER addictive. He also warned me not to do any cosmetic surgery again. He actually wanted me to go back to the hospital to get my face checked, just to ensure that I recovered well but I don’t think that’s necessary.

The boyfriend decided to go Malaysia tomorrow so I have got lots of planning to do for my trip! I am asking the possibility of following him around like some lost puppy. At the same time, I am worried that he might see me as an annoyance 😦 I need to plan where am I going to stay. I want to go to countryside alone but I’m not sure if he will allow that. Lynn is really nice to offer her camera for me so I’m getting to take hell lots of videos and photos ^^! I wanted to buy a camera on an impulse but I do not want to rush into getting a camera just for the trip. /screams. I really cannot cannot control my excitement now.

Dress code – I’ve no idea what is approprioate anymore. I’ve no idea what to pack because it is the season with drastic temperature changes – it is hot at the day and cold in the night. Too too little time! Yet I really cant wait for our first trip together :)))))))

that’s all, folks!



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