Day –

My heart is still pounding from an almost-accident. I was driving at 100km/h and my gps didn’t guide properly. My mind was in a total blank since I woke up, feeling super zombified from the lack of sleep. I lost a dog’s leash and got to buy another one for $45 -.-” I totally forgot that an owner supposed to come at 3pm and I stepped out to send another dog home. Had to ‘angry drive’ to rush back home but I still made the owner wait for 45 minutes. 😦 My parents went out of Town and the boyfriend isn’t around to help me. /sigh.

Okay, I managed to choose all my accomodation, including those when I meet him! I shall introduce one by one when I am there 😀 They seems magical and since I most likely will spend hell lots of time in the hotel, I really need a place that I like. I’ll be experiencing the traditional village with him but I’ve no idea which one he is going to book. He showed me pictures which have a really beautiful garden. ❤

I didn’t want to make Jo worry about my whereabouts, so I’m going to stay in Seoul the whole time. Just 4 more days!!! My parents will only be back on Wednesday morning and I am leaving on Wednesday night ;(

Rough Itinerary

18 – Go back hotel & sleep. Wake up, do some shopping!

19 – 22 – Nua & move around hotels

22 – Move to Traditional Village alone and wait for sunshine.

23 – Wear Hanbok and go dating 🙂

24 – Shopping & get dead drunk in club!!! (got to beg him to take me there)

25 – Enroute to Cheonan

26 – Final night with him in Korea 😦

27 – Emo alone in Seoul

28 – Look forward to reunite with him & return to SG together.

By the looks, I think time will fly super fast. -.- I am not sure what am I going to do there but I will probably try to get out of my comfort zone to just walk around alone 🙂 I’m going to do vlogs there as encouraged by Jenny. hehehe. best way to document our life. 🙂

I shall go pack my room & my luggage!

that’s all, folks!



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