Counting Down

Just 2 more days!! To cut down a little of my expenses, I will also be staying at my host’s guesthouse from before. My only challenge now is proceeding to check in alone in all the different hotels. I always feel socially awkward whenever I am alone. I also need to worry about what to do from 7am to 2pm on my very first day. /whines.

The funny thing is it isn’t my own 2 dogs that make me really difficult to leave, in fact it is Leo that makes me really worried. He is very sticky to me and follows me everywhere I go. Even when I drives, he would rather be on my lap than anyone else’s. 😦 He will be without me for 5 nights before he heads back. T.T Feel awkfully bad for him. I just hope… he’ll be fine!

Jo is doing his part now, calling all my hotels to check for availability and proceeding to the respective bookings for our stay together. I just need to settle my own stays when I am alone. I have not meet him for just a day and when I see him again, I actually felt shy for a moment. lol. & I couldn’t stop smiling. 🙂

toooo excited. tons of work to finish. 

go go go!



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