Overly Attached

See what I mean when I say he’s too clingy to me? 😦

I stepped out to get goodies for his family & Sumon told me that Leo refused to go up. 😦 How the hell am I going to leave like that? 😥


I’m going to miss this guy so much. He is like Suarez to me. haha. I’ve yet to pack my luggage & I’m feeling the anxiety. I’ve been trying to finish my work but it seems endless. Pretty much still stressing about what to bring over and I just remembered Asiana only allow 23kg baggage -.- I had to spend $300 overweight charges the previous time & I’ve no idea how careful can I be this time. T.T

There isn’t much I can talk about these days because I’ll be running all around, trying to complete my errands, hopefully organise my work before I leave and figure a way out to pack! I still need to do my nails and go for my monthly waxing appointments. Too many things to do and too little time!

that’s all, folks!



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