Less than 24 hours 

Tomorrow at this timing, I will be up above the skies, holding his hand tight. I always have some anxiety issues when the plane takes off, scaring myself with images of plane crash. /touch wood. Jo is having his own anxiety issues about heading back. He worries that everything has changed. This is one of the reason why I want to be beside him.

I’ve never felt this anxious about a trip and I hope everything will go well. Jo will end work early and my dad will be sending us to the airport!

Jo just confessed that our first trip means more than anything to him too. 🙂

 T.T he is really making it too difficult to leave. He accompanied me the whole time while packing and he just looked so sad! :((

On the other hand, my own 2 babies couldn’t be bothered with me. Tsk. Hahaha

My packing is 80% done! Just left with all the minor stuff like passport, makeup etc. Hopefully I don’t leave anything out! Jo made me go LOL during packing.

I was sending him potential outfits to pack and One of it was the Long TOP above. I was too lazy to wear pants but it’s Long enough to cover the important parts. He actually thought I was going to wear like that, walking around Seoul -.- lol. I’m going to just slip on a jeans and wear it to the airport.

Okay, he knows me best. 🙂


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