The innocence of a child


As you get older, you will look back to your childhood and wish to have it all repeated once more. All you need to do, is simply enjoy without any worries. At 16, I always look forward to growing up. At 18, I always wished I was 21. And now, you just dread getting older.

I agreed to help my brother as much as I can, but it is natural instinct for us to be greedy. He said it isn’t enough. I’ve no idea where am I supposed to get another 10k from and how. I told my dad to share the burden together but instead of being understanding, he wants another 5k from me. I never trusted MLM and never liked the idea of it. But my dad is really happy with this company called Mmall. He wants me to invest 5k. I said that this isn’t the right time when I need to give my brother such a huge sum of money.. “It’s for your own good” -.- Again, I’ve got no say with my own money. When I asked my brother about repayment, he said “the most i’ll set up another separate account solely of paying you back”. Spending 27 years with him, I know him really well. He’s not going to do that.

Come to think about it, I am always afraid to say “no” to people. & that’s when people always ‘eat’ you up.


Changing topic, I bought nails stickers to try out and it cost 7 USD each. & since this is my first time playing with them, it’s terrible. I couldn’t get rid of the wrinkles and they just keep coming out. I reckoned the trick is to apply a base coat as an adhesive but I didn’t get any of those.

Super super ugly. But at least it look pretty decent from far. The results of DIY. haahha.

Progress of packing the luggage -10%


I was busy unpacking all my new parcels that I’ve purchased quite some time ago & I’ve decided to bring all these lipsticks. -.- Is it too much? It is like an average of 1 color per day. lol. Jo said just bring but….. I’m feeling a little what the hell. If you think about what people may say “It’s only one lips, how many lipsticks do you need”. Well, I’ve got more than 20 of them. 😀

I’m getting my fillers injections done in Korea because you can actually get tax refund! So it is slightly cheaper than here. Shall talk about it when I get back ^^

just less than 48 hours!



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