Day 1 – #seoul-o

I am finally in Seoul!! There are many things to talk about. Jo actually misplaced his passport somewhere and only realised it when we have arrived at the airport. -.-” The worst thing was he couldn’t recall but he was super clear that he brought it to my house. >.< It was already 8:45pm and our flight is 10:40pm. Everyone were in panic mode but I just kept calm because I didn’t want Jo to feel even worst. I got my dad to send him back to my place and Jo was literally in his dark place. He kept saying we would not be able to board the plane, all because of him. :/ Honestly, I wasn’t mad or anything but more of concerned about whether he will not be able to return home as scheduled.

While they rushed back home, I went to get my wifi router from ChangiRecommends. & after using it for just a day, I would strongly advise for people to do the same. It saved hell lot of hassle since I don’t have to borrow it from the hotel or queue at the destination to purchase a sim card that I don’t need. It’s quite easy also. Just book it online and collect it on your departure date. 😀 I may sound very suaku but it’s my first time. haha.

Anyway, they ended up finding his passport just outside of my gates. -.- Thankfully no one picked it up or anything. We supposed he dropped it while putting the luggages in the car. tsk tsk. Now i am worried about that guy. haha.. He seems to be even more clumsy than me. But he just kept insisting this is his first time. He actually couldn’t believe that I am not even upset for a bit and kept apologizing. :/

We made it to board the plane and I must say this is the most comfortable plane ride I ever had. Surprisingly, this time I do not have any anxiety during taking off! I even fell into a super deep sleep ~1 hr after take off, sleeping throughout the flight duration. ^^ Jo was caring for me the whole time. He was making sure that I wasn’t cold (giving me 2 blankets & his jumper to cover myself) and putting a pillow between my head and the arm rest (i got this habit of lifting the arm rest up to lean my head on). During meal time, he also ensured that i got served by him first. 🙂


I accidentally cut myself with my own shoe when I was crossing my legs. -.- & being superstitious, I really hope it’s not some kind of bad omen for the trip or anything.


After clearing customs, there he was.. waiting for me. :))


Since Asiana only fed us once shortly after take off, we went to get our tummy filled once we got out. Everywhere else was super long queue so I just dragged him to KFC. He tried to convince me out of KFC but I was too lazy to enter the crowded restaurants. Ended up, all their burgers were spicy :/


He helped to sort out my journey to Seoul. Usually I take train with my friends but now, I would suggest to take bus instead. My bus actually brought me all the way to the hotel destination (the nearest subway station).

I cried… when we separated ways. I couldn’t bear to say goodbye there and then. I know we will be meeting in a few days time but… 😦 He made it even more difficult for me when he stood there, refusing to leave until the bus departed. lol. He even went through the extend of telling the bus driver that I’m a foreigner & asked him to make sure I do not miss my destination. aww~

I wanted to enjoy the scenary during the bus ride but my body just felt too tired. & i got this weird habit of falling asleep in moving vehicles for long rides. tsk. So, I slept throughout the bus ride and when I woke up, I am already in Seoul. I was the very last to leave the bus so I thanked the bus driver but he just ran away. Koreans are usually not friendly. haha.

Even though I depended on google map to look for my hotel, I lost my way. -.- The hotel was hiding in a corner that apparently the map couldn’t detect properly. While standing along a street full of restaurants, an ajusshi (uncle) came up to me and asked if I needed help. My minimal korean help in some way but I’ve no idea what is my hotel name in Korean. Thankfully, he knows the english name too. haha! He guided me to the hotel and so I bowed 90 degrees and thank him (basic courtesy in Korea).

I was way too early (arriving at 9am) and I could only check in at 2pm. So I dropped my luggage off and enquired about the room that I want – The Camp Ruka. I am staying in Hotel Designers Jongro. The lady said that it was possible and proceeded to reserve it for me.


So I went to Ewha University to do some shopping. I think I kinda overspent there because I am only left with ~$900 SGD for the rest of my trip. lol. Most of the shops are not even opened yet. T.T so I was wandering around like a lost soul.

I went to play the toy catching game again and one of the machine ate my 5000 won. -.- & since there wasn’t any technical help around, I just left. 😦 Wasted my $6 SGD. tsk. I bought a damn cap for ~ $16 SGD (13,000 won) when it seriously doesn’t look to worth that much.


A weird thing that happened during shopping was meeting a super friendly ajusshi. I finally  had the courage to ask for discount but it was somewhat a failed attempt. He quoted me 35,000 won (~$45 SGD) for the pair of sneakers that I really liked. But I felt that the price was too high so I asked for discount. He asked how much do I want it at.. I replied “i don’t know” -.- Wrong move hahaha. He brought his calculator and asked me to press. I just punched 28,000 won (~$35 SGD). He tried to ask for 30,000 won but gave in to me. Thinking back, I think I could have gone lower. tsk. But it’s a good try haha. Then the weird thing is he opened his arms out for a hug before I leave. If you know me, I usually do not ask for discounts (I always ask the person beside me to do the negotiating) and I don’t really say no to avoid an awkward situation. I’m super bad at both.

I wanted a dusty pink sneakers too but I better wait for Jo.


Settled my lunch at some cheese rice restaurant that didn’t have anyone else. I actually hate that my Korean sucks because it feels so weird being so foreign. I wandered up and down Ewha and finally it’s time to check in!


Walking up to the reception, I got told that the room I wanted was already given to someone else. 😦 I was quite sad because I was SUPER looking forward to that room, imaging myself resting in the super huge tent. tsk. But luckily my second choice was still available, it is rather similar to the first one.

Not too bad, I guess? 🙂 They also play really relaxing music like in spas and you can soften it if it annoys you. For me, I’m just going to leave it as it is. I am going to depend on it to sleep well. The room is rather cosy and even though I read reviews complaining about the size of the room, I actually thought it’s alright for 1-2pax. The annoying thing is that you can only choose your preferred room design during check in. 😦

I stayed in the hotel and reviewed all the videos I’ve taken. I  really miss Jo so much now 😦 Anyway, I also tried taking a video to create an ending… I look really weird. lol! I got this annoying resting bitch face that makes me look annoyed & confused. Don’t be surprised if after editing, the video will end abruptly. haha.

Since I am still very socially awkward, I went to 7-eleven to grab instant food for dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. I wanted to whine because i didn’t realise that the hotel didn’t provide utensils. So, I had nothing to eat my instant noodles with… & (don’t laugh or anything), I can be stupid enough to have no clue to making instant noodles. The instructions were in Korean so I just trial-and-error. Ended up, it was too tasteless. lol. But i had to just eat it. I am still not feeling the fun of being a solo traveller.

no idea what to do tomorrow.

shall just take one step at a time 🙂

that’s all, folks!



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