Day 2 – Lip Fillers & Last Night with HD

I’ve been hiding in this room too much that I am feeling a little sad to leave this place tomorrow. 😦 I really liked the fact that my wires are just next to the bed, making charging stuff really easy. The extension wire that I brought along ended up to be faulty -.-” I can’t sleep if it gets too quiet so when I move to my host’s place tomorrow for 3 nights, I need the laptop next to me in order to sleep. :/ Without the plugs to be long enough, I’ve no idea how.

I woke up late for my appointment and leaving house in a rush, I actually forgot my wifi egg. -.-” My room was in a mess with everything thrown around. The hotel apparently will just make your room up, whether you like it or not. -.- There is no way for me to tell them there’s no need to clean my room. So i had to throw everything back to my luggage before I leave..

I did my lip fillers at Cinderella Plastic Surgery & Dental Clinic and comparing to where i did my surgery (Banobagi), this place is relatively smaller than what I expected. Dr Lee actually gave me too much of a protuding upper lips that I needed to get it melted here. I am someone with super high pain tolerance and it hurts like hell that I cried. The most painful one was the melting of the upper lip fillers. Korea and SG have very different methods. SG always numb my lips with numbing cream but here, they just simply gave me an ice pack. -.-” the ice pack is basically as good as nothing. Because it was so painful, I could actually count how much times the doctor poked me with the needle – 10 times. It isn’t just a poke. He pushed the needle from the side to the middle of the lips and I could clearly feel the movement of the needle. T.T


My dad always say I am crazy, willing to put myself in so much pain for the sake of beauty. I am looking like as though bees just stung me now but i supposed the swelling will disappear by tomorrow or so. As expected, I headed home immediately and stayed in for the rest of the day.

Tell me honestly, have you ever regretted following me to Korea?

He just asked me that. Honestly, following him here is the best decision. Yes, i’m alone most of the time but I am really looking forward to our dates. Just 2 nights in Seoul together, I want to go many places with him but I doubt we have enough time. I am not complaining even though I’m alone and am counting the days to reunite with him patiently.


Sadly, we contact somewhat even lesser than when we were in SG. 😦 I think coming back to Korea makes him really miss staying here. He asked if I’ll ever accept to stay 6 months – 1 year in Korea with him.

I have not had a proper meal since yesterday’s lunch and Jo doesn’t know about this. It’s just me being anti-social and lazy. I ate 2 pieces of bread for lunch, wheat biscuits for teabreak and 2 sticks of μ˜€λŽ… (korean fishcakes on sticks) and some strawberries. Their strawberries now are just too heavenly – soft and sweet. :p Thinking of bringing some back. Weirdly, I don’t feel hungry at all. A friend that know my eating habits here says I’ll probably die if I am fully alone for 11 days, dying of malnutrition -.-


Jo just sent me this picture when we were walking to the plane. I looked so skinny! haha.. At least for this past few days alone, I can also lose some weight since he’s going to feed me fat when we see each other again.

ah, I forgot to talk about this on the previous post. I actually hate it a lot when my boyfriend tend to hold my hands lazily (as in left picture). I always have to nag at him to cut that habit out. I am someone who hates that a lot when my partner does that. Don’t ever make me feel like holding my hands is a chore to you. If you want to hold my hands while relaxing, then might as well don’t hold at all. It’s really a super bad habit so people, please don’t do that. -.-

that’s all, folks!



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