Day 3 – Haneul Park & Myeongdong


Comparing to last November, it is just a super big area of grass now 😦 I was a little disappointed but I didn’t want to climb 291 stairs for nothing.

After finally eating my salad from the night of Day 1, I realised the salad was already expired. It didn’t taste funny but I was staring at the label after finishing it. -.- But what the heck.. lol.

I then proceeded to check out and made my way to Emma’s house. Getting a cab to her place is terrible but I ended up with a very friendly uncle that tried to strike a conversation. He gave up eventually when I couldnt really understand him 😦 Felt kinda bad.

This will be the 3rd time I am with her and she took care of me during my surgery period. I can still remember the first day I got back from my surgery, she got SUPER worried because of my jaw. We talked about Jo when she asked me my purpose of visiting this time and she couldn’t wait to meet him. lol. She’s like a mother to me, very friendly and nice lady.


Since I ran out of ideas where to go, I decided to visit Haneul Park again. Was happily videoing and recording the directions so I can share it but the camera died on me -.- & I didn’t bring extra batteries. It sounded stupid if I head all the way back just to get the batteries. What pisses me off is once I got out, I actually head back home 3 times to retrieve things I forgot – keys, camera tripod and wifi egg. Yet I still forgot something in the end. /argh.

Anyway, it’s pretty easy to get to Haneul Park.

  • Alight at World Cup Stadium
  • Head out at Exit 1
  • Walk straight and you will see a flight of stairs and the super big “Seoul World Cup Stadium
  • Walk up and turn left, walking another flight of stairs.
  • Continue straight on the left until you see a ‘bridge’
  • img_5886Walk straight and you will see downward steps leading to a super huge carpark on your right.
  • Cross the carpark and you should be able to see the ‘heaven stairways’ to Haneul Park
  • img_5890Reaching in the park area, you need to cross this bridge that leads to the stairways.

There was some kind of outdoor event happening and I came across the dog park 😦 How much I miss home.


On the way up, I came across the white flowers and an uncle tried to tell me what kind of flowers it was but since it was Korean, I couldn’t really understand and just smiled. Climbing up the steps, I almost died. hahaa. But the view was just amazing and you could clealy smell the fresh scent of flowers everywhere!

You’re still not there yet. You still need to walk up a little more and you will know you’re near Haneul Park when you see the shuttle bus stop.


Do you get why was I disappointed now? I should have guessed since there weren’t many people heading up and it’s a Saturday. -.- The last time I came, I needed to queue to go up.


Sat on their swing, and thought about life. lol. It’s already May 2017 and I’ve experience hell lots of up and down in just a short 1 year (2016-2017). I even had the courage to travel alone, leaving everything behind for a while (well, semi alone since it will only be half the trip).

Despite being alone, I was still able to get some photos out! hahaha. You’ll be surprised to know who’s my ‘photographer’. Hint: you can somewhat see in 2 of the photos.












 Tadah!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha. Okay, I may sound crazy now because I’m still feeling quite proud of myself for improvising. 😛 Introducing my wooden friend that take really good pictures. I’m actually quite surprised that the pictures came out decent. The only flaw was that my poor phone just kept falling down by the strong wind. >.<

I could see a patch of red flowers from far, so I wandered to there..


Pretty pretty sight.. Women’s favorite – flowers. I don’t usually request for flowers from my boyfriend but I am secretly hoping Jo will give me flowers during our dates here. lol.

I finally made my way back down and headed to Myeongdong, in hopes of getting Pablo cheese tarts for dinner. Going all the way there, I ended up not getting the cheese tart I wanted because it got sold out. 😦

So, these junk food pretty much summed up my dinner. While walking around Myeongdong, I started aiming for shops that I want to visit with Jo. This way, we will save sometime from hunting shops down.

I came home feeling exhausted from all the walking and K.O almost immediately after shower. Right now, I am hesitating if I should go all the way to the other end to see the rose festival. It isn’t really well publicized so tourists shouldn’t know about it and I probably wont be lucky enough to find another wooden friend. lol.


Here’s my boyfriend being annoying in the morning. He asked about my plans and when I said I am going to the rose festival. He replied that. LOL! I have to admit, I woke up laughing. :p


Oh yea, if you ever come across this in SG Korean marts or in Korea, just get it. It’s SUPER good.. milk soda. hahaha.

Just 2 more days till we meet again!!!!!!!!!





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