Day 4 – Rose Festival


If you know me, you’ll know that I do not really like to smile with teeth showing. Reason: I feel that I have a horrible smile. I don’t have cheeks as pretty as other girls. I have hell lots of fats on my face that expands when I give a really wide smile. I also have this “fake dimple chin line” when I smile. But Jo once told me, “the thing that made me fell in love with you, was your smile”. ๐Ÿ˜€

Snuggling in bed today, I refused to wake up. Emma’s house is too comfortable and her sheets have really strong detergent smell that I like! lol. I had a small hesitation to cancel going to rose festival because it is way too far but I thought I should just go with an open mind. My main aim was to see fireworks there too.



Again, the anti social me didn’t want to talk to anyone so I went to the usual Udon store to eat. I really like this place because all you have to do is place your orders on this huge machine, like in new Macdonalds, then viola! you’re done! you just got to wait for your number to be called. This is one of the few times when my pathetic korean is useful.


I started my day out feeling super lazy and since it felt like it was still early, I pushed myself a little and went into Toms n Toms to get my favorite ice mint choco! I always choose not to talk because whenever I have the courage to order things, they will somehow ask me some questions that I’ve no idea what’s that. I hate that a lot because it made me feel stupid with a very blur look on my face. Trust me, my blur face looks REALLY confused, especially with my damn kid face and I look like some lost child. -.-


Today is the last day of the festival and I thought since the event wasn’t that well publicized, I didn’t expect that much crowd. The directions to there weren’t very clear so I simply just followed the crowd. I got myself those flowers crown since it was on sale everywhere, hoping to feel involved in the event.

It’s basically just another Gardens By The Bay and I wasn’t impressed.



When the lights start to lit up, it got even prettier.



One thing that I didn’t like were people there weren’t nice. They push and even expect you to move in the middle of your own phototaking. They simply thinks that the road or that particular spot belongs to them. Many times when I was taking selfie, they literally just cut in between me -.-” I usually have no problems with locals there, even defending them when friends tell me about their rudeness. I finally experienced it now. Their crowd can be really horrible.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-21 at 8.28.04 PM

I hung around till 9pm and since there were still no fireworks, I decided to just leave the place. I don’t want to end up going home too late and having to set up a camp outside. I have to admit that halfway through the rose festival to heading back home, I felt a little down.  Seeing couples and families, the sudden rush of loneliness just hit me. ;( I even got myself fake roses, that smell amazing, to cheer myself up. -.-


By the time I got back my area, it was already 10:30pm so I just went to the nearest convenience store to get instant noodles again. My lips are currently badly bruised and if i didn’t need to eat medication, I would probably just skip dinner. I am not an alcoholic person, in fact I hate the taste of alcohol. But it is always good to get drunk once in a while.. Alcohol here is DIRT cheap so I told Jo that I’m going to get drunk every night we meet. lol. It’s only 1500 won per bottle!!! That’s like…. $2 SGD -.-

This time round, Jo was replying me fast enough to teach me how to cook it. I was supposed to add hot water in, wait for 4 minutes, pour out the water THEN add the powder in and mix. lol.

I’ve no idea what to do tomorrow. -.-” So i shall just nua at home and count down to the HOURS till we meet. Can you believe it? It’s only HOURS now :))))) Oh yea, another thing that I want to comment is, Koreans really express their love through skinship a lot. Couples are look SUPER lovey dovey. ๐Ÿ˜€

HEHE!! ^^




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