Day 10: The Final Night

I thought it would be better to just do day 10 first while I sort out the pictures and videos. Honestly, I am a little lazy because there are WAY too many videos and pictures. I’ve no idea where to start with the video editing too. I’ve NEVER done this before and I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. It’s quite fun to rewatch them. lol.

I extracted this small bit that just show me eating (we werent talking but just enjoying the breadstick)…. but I just cannot stand my face. lol. My friends say I eat like a dog sometimes (not the messy way but the actions)… now I see it. -.- My giant is too tall that only his lips are showing. -.-


I left our polaroid pictures at the traditional guesthouse so I had to go there to collect it. I was upset at first when we couldn’t find it. Then I headed back to Myeongdong to get MORE cosmetics. The retail therapy helped me to get better. I actually told myself i do not need anymore lipsticks but (not a surprise) I got 5 more. -.- There was this 1+1 event for Aritaum so I got 3 lipsticks from there at just 13,000 won (16 SGD). DIRT CHEAP OK! Happiness is getting more new cosmetics. :p

I tried tons of lipstick swatches and as of 12:31pm now, the stains are still there. tsk. I am one of those girls that NEVER try tester lipsticks on the lips. It is just really unhygienic, i think. You’ve no idea how many people used it before you (which can be millions since they don’t change the tester until it finishes).

I came across my favorite lingerie store – 6IXTY8IGHT. It’s really comfy but sadly it is only available in Macau, China, Taiwan and South Korea. They are having some kind of promotion whereby you can get 3 selected apparels at just 28,000 won (45 SGD). But sad that I couldnt find 3 apparels, max just 1 piece. 😦 So I ended up giving it up. Jo thinks that I already have way too many anyway. lol. But bad news is… i just found out they have an online store via Tmall. GG! hahaha

I didn’t get any lunch so I got hungry while shopping. Ate hell lots of junk food but super satisfied. The steak was 7000 won but it is AMAZING! Reminds me of teppanyaki. :p


My luggage is ~85% packed but I threw some clothes to laundry and I am really praying hard that it isn’t too heavy. I need to go to the airport alone and i refuse to pay for additional baggage again. I bought strawberries back and I’ve no idea if I am allowed to handcarry it in. 😦 Please please be alright.


Since I had a rough day in the first half + got bothered again by the loneliness, I thought it wouldn’t kill to drink for the last time. I realised something about soju is that, I’ve no idea why different taste has different effect even though they are of the same alcohol content. Drinking the grapes one, which happen to be my favorite, i tend to feel different with it. And this flavor is the one that made me puked 5 times throughout the night!


I will just stay home tomorrow till 3pm, do the final luggage packing and take the airport bus to be reunited with him once again. Pursuing this happiness is really really straining but I don’t think I have any other choice. I hope I can be independent enough.. so perhaps the pain will be more bearable. My longest relationship failed and I really do not want to see this relationship to have the same fate. I’ve already see Jo as my best friend, my one and only. Losing him would means the end of my world. Ironically, I dated a lot of men but yet I am still so inexperienced.

i thought by knowing their progress…. it’s just to know how he is doing.

But it is destroying me somehow that I can’t focus on my own r/s.

that’s all, folks!



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