Day 11 – Heading Back Home

I’M BACK IN SINGAPORE!!!!! 😀 Dad came to pick us up and send Jo back home first.

The whole house feels different after 11 days & my beats werent there to welcome me. To be exact, I can’t see them until tomorrow T.T It had been so long since I last touched a dog! haha. So I got excited with whoever I saw downstairs. 

I woke up with a really bad body ache this morning and I texted Jo that I REALLY need a spa session this weekend. Then again, I don’t think I can survive till weekend. It’s 3:10am right now while I’m blogging and I’m still aching badly. So it’s either I treat the parents to a spa session tomorrow at g.Spa (which gona cost me a lot!) or I’ll see the sinseh. Jo tried to massage for me in the plane but it didnt get any better T.T


I ordered a Katsu-don at the usual Udon store and I realised I’ve not eaten much rice since I got here. Maybe out of 11 days (let’s say 2 meals/day), I only ate 3 times. So I’m not sure is it me or the restaurant but it tasted O M G nice! Since I had like an hour to spare, I walked around.. intending to get more lipsticks again (I couldn’t let go the 1+1 offer which happens to be the final offer day today). Got 2 more lippies and caught a Marill with 10,000 won (~12 SGD). LOL.

Emma walked me to the bus stop because I had too many baggages with me (was carrying my usual small sling bag, a big 3ce baggage bag, handcarrying 1kg of strawberries and my roses, and of cos my exploding large luggage). I wanted to stay awake to enjoy the scenery but again, I fell asleep. tsk!


We reunited in the airport and I felt soooo safe with him around. I am not sure whether am I too small size.. This bugger ALWAYS will walk past me without noticing me. So I will always sneaked up to him and hug him from the back. lol. He smiled widely when he saw me again and immediately helped with almost all of my baggages. ^^ It’s really nice to have your man beside you during travels.

I was craving for Lotteria’s chicken burger but I am not sure why it is nowhere to be found in the airport’s branch -.- Told Jo to upsize my meal because I was dead hunger and he came back with 2 burger.. a small burger (Bulgogi burger which was supposedly what I told him to order) and a really big burger. Ended up the big burger belongs to me. -.- lol. My boyfriend who stands 1.86m got a small burger for himself and got a big burger for his petite girlfriend. I ended up making a mess because I had no idea how to eat (which made me feel like I’m some kid). I am really bad with huge burgers and I’ve no idea why someone invented BIG burgers. How are you even supposed to eat those!?!?


His mum also made us Gimbap and I’m not saying this because she’s his mum but it is the best gimbap I ever tasted! I’m craving for it now just by staring at the picture. I didn’t get to meet his family during this trip and believe me, I’m dying to meet them. They saw my pictures and the only comment that I got from Jo is that his mum thinks that I look korean. :/ Jo will arrange for an official introduction in Nov during his 3rd sister’s wedding so hopefully it will all work out then. My parents weren’t too happy that I got left alone too much in Korea and ended up not meeting a single person there (to be fair, I did meet his all-time dentist, who happens to be close to the family). They even wanted me to check if Jo was cheating on me. -.-


When the plane took off, Jo held on to be tightly. I got too distracted by him that again, I didn’t feel my anxiety. 🙂 I don’t think i’ll ever think too much when he’s with me. I checked us in last night so I managed to get us the window seats! I suppose it’s everyone’s favorite to seat by the window. And I LOVE evening to night flights because the view is just breathtaking. I tried to take a zillion pictures but I just couldnt capture the night scene. I could clearly see the moon and MANY stars. I swear it is not the reflections from inside because I stuck my face to the window and stare for damn long. lol. You should really see it.. most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. Even Jo couldn’t enjoy the sight because he was considered too far. 😦


I slept for about 2-3 hours on the plane and it was my first time throwing all my image to sleep on his lap with my legs dangling here and there. I woke up worried about his legs being numbed.

He wrote me a 2-page letter about the whole trip and he apologized for anything. He said this trip made him feel like I’m a precious baby that needs a lot of pampering. He promises to show more of himself and treat me even better. He said he misunderstood me a lot, thinking that I needed taxi everywhere.. good restaurants everyday but he’s happy to know that I didn’t mind those at all and is willing to walk a lot with him (something that he didnt expect -.-) He even said it was his first time seeing me concerned about the price of something, asking for discounts etc. He always thought that no matter how much it is, I will just spend. eh… am i that bad not. lol. Honestly, his mood swings are the one that has been pushing me away and I really hope he will do what he say. 😦

As for me, I realised that we’re VERY similar. He complain about something to other people like I always do. There’s one instance whereby a taxi tried to rip us off by not going by the meter (which is illegal in Korea). He complained to me, to a security guard when we asked for directions and another taxi driver that sent us to our destination. 

And when we are upset with one another, it is impossible to talk to each other. If one got upset for some reason, the other one will soon follow. lol. I guess I just got to keep trying and also be more open with him, sharing with him everything.

I watched LaLa Land on the plane and despite the good reviews, I must say I hate that show. It didn’t make any sense to me. BUT I ended up crying on the plane over the show. -.-” I wasn’t even too interested in the show at first but towards the end, emotions just overwhelmed me. It wasn’t just normal sobbing… I cried BADLY! Jo panicked (but at the same time, he couldn’t stop laughing at my silliness). He actually watched the show way before me and couldn’t understand why was I crying. If you haven’t watch it, basically the two main actors (an aspiring actress and a jazz musician) were madly in love but because they both want to pursue their dreams, they just decided to end things. They told each other “no matter what, you’ll know I always love you”. 5 years later, the lady became a successful actress and even got happily married with a child. The guy opened his dream jazz club but was still alone. Her husband and her were late for her premiere so they decided to just skip it and go straight for dinner. They came across the guy’s club and he used the logo SHE designed for him. When their eyes met, that was my trigger. He started singing and the scenes changed to IF they were still together. I couldn’t get that part so I somewhat managed to calm myself down.. thinking that her marriage was just all an imagination. THEN… they just had to show that THAT was HIS imagination instead -.- I cried again. tsk. The show ended with her just giving him a nod and a smile and he went back to his original life. So I assume, they will still continue to have nothing to do with each other. ARGH. It doesn’t make sense when 2 people truly loves each other, why can’t they just be together? It’s just PLAIN SAD… and SHE even told him that “you know that i’ll always love you” -.- WOMEN. yes… i just said that. We can marry someone who we love but he may not be THAT someone that we loved the most. Lol 


The silly boy didn’t sleep at all during the whole flight and he only managed to catch some sleep when landing. 😦 Noticing that his head kept dropping, I worried that he’ll wake up. I wanted him to get some rest because he had to work later on. I held on to his head for a good 5 minutes but he still woke up somehow. tsk.

He already warned me that he may get emotional for the next few days (1-2days or so) so he wants me to understand. 😦 I felt more sad for him because it is never easy to be away from home. His mum cried when they parted. 😦 Being his girlfriend, it is only natural that I stay by his side as much as I can.

I really don’t know how our future will be like and if you’ve never dated a complete foreigner (someone with a completely different culture), you probably will not know how I feel and how stressful it can get. I can only take one step at a time….

It’s 4:12am and I still can’t sleep >.< Tons of work to finish and I dread that it’s monday! Shall just try to Knock myself out for a busy day ahead. 

Whatever happened, the trip only brought us closer and we’re closer than ever.

that’s all, folks!

with lots of love,


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