Day 6: Our Reunion

[31/5] It is currently raining now~ So I hope everyone is safe indoors!

I am proud to announce that I’ve finally completed my 2 videos (Day 1 when we reunited and Day 0 when I was alone)!!! 😀 Please keep the negative comments to yourself because this are my first few videos. I’m still learning! It took me 3 days to edit a 7 minutes video and just a day for a 3 minutes video. The fun thing about videos.. it makes you feel as though you just stepped back in time. 🙂

It is also after filming myself that I came to confirm that…….. i can’t stand my mouth. My upper lips ALWAYS expose my gums when I laughed too widely. tsk.

Anyway~ SIMPLY YOUTUBE SEARCH CHIA CRESSIE, & you should be able to see them. I really really put in a lot of efforts to create these okay! & just subscribe if you happen to be there.. haha. Videos will just keep coming, but just not sure when. :p

UPDATE: Jo just gave many many thumbs up for the videos 🙂


I woke up really late. My plan was to wait for Jo at the train station to welcome with open arms but thanks to the bad hangover I had, I overslept. Emma also came to look for me while I was about to leave.

Waking up suffering a hangover wasn’t good at all. It was the worst vomiting experience ever. I ended up waking up at 630am to vomit for the 5th time -.- so to summarize, I’ve been vomiting the whole night (12am, 2am, 4am, 5am, 6am) -.- you can imagine how lack of sleep I was and how horrible was I feeling. My tummy was empty; my throat was burning & there was nothing that could make me feel better. Sitting upright or lying down felt the same, as though the world was spinning. Drinking water supposed to make myself better but I ended up feeling worst and vomiting even more.

Rushing to the train station, that silly missed me even though I was just right in front of him. lol. He got frightened when I just ran up to him and gave him a big hug. I missed him SOOO much after 5 days of not seeing each other.

I’ve yet to finish packing my bag.. The plan was to leave my huge luggage with Emma while I’ll be taking my 3ce sling bag with me. I made him wait a little while I quickly chose my outfits and dumped everything in the bag.


We then made our way to Gyeongbokgung for our one night stay at the traditional village. We went to settle our lunch first since it was still slightly early to check in. It’s really easy to get to this restaurant.. (super famous). Just exit at Line 2 and walk all the way straight. In one of the left hand alley (i think the 2nd one that you come across), you’ll see the restaurant and just turn in! We were very lucky that there wasn’t many people. The previous time I came with Wong and JW, we had to queue for a bit. I’ve not tried samgyetang at any other place but I think this is really the best.

TOOOO GOOOD! I actually finished everything because I got too hungry. Come to think about it, I haven’t had a good meal for the past 5 days. It’s just udon and instant noodles or junk food.

We proceeded to find our guesthouse and……. Jo got lost. hahaha! He made me walk in circles but honestly, I wasn’t too bothered (too busy walking around taking pictures & videos). We even had to ask a group of OL for directions and they were SUPER friendly. They even asked us to “HWAITING” (aka jiayou) when we parted.



While he was trying to figure the GPS out, I saw this religious quote that I really liked.



We finally found our guesthouse after circling the guesthouse and what made us pissed was the fact that the guesthouse is just ~less than 5 minutes walk from the restaurant. Just turn left and walk straight from there and viola.. -.-


We got cheated by pictures and a particular review that Jo trusted. lol. I wanted a big garden to chill and stargaze but the only garden in our house was just a super small area at the entrance (i wouldnt actually call it a garden). The bathroom had to be shared too but thankfully, it’s really clean!

I still like the place though. It’s a super good experience even though the room was really small. I just feel like the whole place is super cozy and you should definitely find a time to stay there, even for a night.


I made Jo rent Hanbok with me and walk around. HAHAH! I can’t remember the rates but if you want to rent, go to the stores further away from the palace. We went to the one nearer to the palace and it’s slightly more expensive. We kinda picked the wrong day (a Tuesday) as the palace were closed for maintenance or something. Apparently if you dress up in Hanbok, your entrance fees will be waived off.

I was made to wear the.. ‘elizabeth era thingy’ under the skirt. It make me look really fat but I had fun with it. LOL! I can’t forget Jo’s reaction when I got out of the changing room. He actually stepped out to go to the toilet before that. It was as though I stepped out with a wedding dress and I hope I recorded that moment. (NOT EXAGGERATING) I got too excited with the changing of clothes that I forgot to take videos. We walked around for 1hr 15 minutes and I told Jo that we rented for too long hahaha. He started laughing, “So the main purpose of you to wear hanbok is just to take pictures?” LOL! OF COURSE!!




It’s time for some shopping!!! & Myeongdong is definitely the place to go. I am a HUGE fan of 3CE cosmetics so that was our first stop! I always love to step into their pink cafe because…. it’s PINK!


I’m those kind of typical girl that can go CRAZY with makeup, especially lipsticks. I have more than 20 lipsticks and they just keep increasing.

I was pretty sad that we didn’t get to go up to the rooftop area, thanks to the rain. 😦

Contact lenses are relatively cheap in Korea and I was so tempted to get. But then again, I’ve got more than 20 pairs waiting for me at home. lol. Maybe I shall try to get some in Nov when we head over for his sis’s wedding. After grabbing everything that I wanted to get, we tried to grab a cab to Namsan.

I was swearing at the weather because why the hell did it choose to only rain when we were enjoying our first reunion date together? -.- It had 5 days to rain when I was alone. Getting a cab there isn’t easy, especially when they don’t have apps like Grab or Uber. A taxi driver tried to rip us off by going off meter and Jo wasn’t too happy about it. I actually found it hilarious when he went on to complain to 2 other people (a security guard that we tried to ask directions with & a taxi driver that eventually drove us up). He felt really bad for making me wait though.. he thinks that he caused much inconvenience to me :/ Again, I wasn’t bothered or upset at all.


My first time here was with Wong and JW & second time with Jo definitely felt different. He guided me to a restaurant for dinner. It was somewhat a surprise because he kept saying we’re getting fast food. lol. Entering the restaurant, it was an atas one. & he went on to retrieve his reservation. o.O




We went on to choose our menus. He got the steak and I got my pasta. The appetizer was Ceasar Salad and Scallops. I must say, the caesar salad was one of the best that I tasted. :p In fact, I didn’t get enough of it. 😦

I almost forgot to mention that it was my boyfriend’s first romantic attempt. hahaha. He said that SG is way too expensive to bring me to such places. Then again, over there.. it’s considered really affordable when we were eating at one of the tourist attractions with a view. It’s like…. eating in Singapore Flyers and guess what? The bill amounted to just ~ 90 SGD. -.-



We got our love lock done after dinner!! 😀 Im not too sure if he’ve done it before with his ex-es since Koreans tend to like to do all these silly nonsense. But it was definitely my very first. So, it was somewhat meaningful to me. He started goofing around, being all too serious to find the ‘perfect hiding’ spot. lol. Honestly, I don’t think we will see it the next time we come. It is a well known fact that government tend to clear the locks every now and then.


I’ve been asking Jo for a diamond ring and it was just so concidental that the sticker that I bought in hopes to decorate our love lock, had a diamond ring sticker on it. He just took it out and stick it on my hand. -.- lol. I immediately gave him the what-the-hell face.



I really enjoyed myself a lot. & I cannot thank him enough for bringing me there.

Again, getting a cab was too difficult up there so we took a lift down to the main road. We spotted a dog walking around alone. I stopped and started playing with it, worrying that it was a lost dog. It was a super cute pom that I didn’t take a picture.:( I looked at Jo with puppy eyes to bring it to police station or something. It was too friendly!   Ended up the owner was just a little further behind.. Super Super friendly owner. After we parted ways, she turned back and wave goodbye (big raising-arm-wave!). I still couldn’t Lie my eyes off her dog yet. She even shouted ‘My dog is so cute right! Have a great night!’ Hehe. Love them both!

Someone actually left some plucked flowers so my itchy hands picked them up. They were still in good condition.

By the time we got back, it was already ~12ish midnight and we were both exhausted. We took turns to shower and drank some alcohol with strawberries. I think it was because of the previous night, I couldnt bring myself to drink… I even had difficulty finishing that half wine glass and it was already mixed with some cider. 😦 Felt rather bad because he ended up a little ‘high’, he tried to finish the bottle alone without any mixer. Thankfully, it made him fall into a really deep sleep soon after. hahaa. Jo’s face will naturally turn super red each time he drinks.


that’s all, folks!



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