All sorts of people exist in this world

The world is a mystery place with ALL sorts of people. i just want to whine about a particular group – people that are obviously in a wrong but because they are customers, they acted like they are right. (or whatever they are called).

Last year my business was plagued with accidents (even death that scarred me). While we are already half way into this year, I have encountered a puzzling runaway case and the most annoying one – people that simply don’t pay for my service.

R thinks that his dog got sick from our place when she was perfectly fine here. Because of that, I think he refuses to pay despite multiple reminders. At the same time, he still remain all so friendly. Since it was just a $260 bill, I thought I just let it slide since there was some misunderstanding about his dog’s health after heading back home.

Then come D. It was her second time with us and I tend to trust people really easily. Her dog stayed with us for nearly 2 weeks so it was a $400 bill. Despite multiple reminders, she just kept saying the same thing.. it’s either she’s sick, hospitalized or her mum forgot to transfer. The last time I texted her was Day 2 of Korea and she asked to give her till this Tuesday. Again, my bank is not $400 richer. I texted her and she simply read and ignored. The most amazing thing was she blocked me. I KNOW when I’m being blocked on both phones and whatsapp because I am doing it to this particular person too.


  1. You will not be able to see their last seen or even their profile pic.
  2. Every messages that you sent will ALWAYS remain as a grey tick.

& obviously you will not be able to call through if they blocked you on the phone too.

I found D’s instagram and she seems to have quite a bit of followers. & based on her pictures, she has been travelling a lot… NOT a sign of her being sickly. -.- So I just had to leave a comment on her profile. And magically, I can see her profile picture again & she started texting me, scolding me for being unprofessional. (really?)


Immediately after sending the text and before I can reply, she called me. She was like a bullet train, defending herself. She insisted that she didnt block me (not buying that) and that her whatsapp account & her phone is a separate account. ok… So I pointed out that my calls went straight to voicemail. She said there is something wrong with her phone. ok… So I pointed out that it was obviously she was SUPER active on instagram. She said she can always use other devices to update. -.-” WIN LIAO!

oh oh! & best part.. She said I should check my account before making a fuss and being so unprofessional. I checked…….. still nothing. -.-” I asked when exactly will the payment be in? She said “I already said by tomorrow right?” -.-

I told her straight that since she is in SG and her mum is all the way in Shanghai, can’t she just make the payment? This payment has been dragged long enough. She said her mum is the one responsible for the dog and this is out of her allowance. -.-” Honestly, I dont care what is happening in the house but since she wants me to be professional, the more she should not drag me into her home affairs and just pay me!! tsk.

How can she say im unprofessional when she’s the one that went uncontactable?

I wanted to whine so much to Jo, but he mistook “whine” as “faint” -.- So he asked me to sleep. My mood got even worst. AND THEN~~~  he texted me back to apologize that he misunderstood and listened to me. I am not sure, but… i felt so much better. I find myself smiling to the phone when he helped to curse and swear too. lol. In the past, i find it almost impossible to confide in him about something.. & always want to run back to the old guy. 🙂

that’s all, folks!



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