Day 7: Dancing With You


Nothing beats waking up to someone preparing breakfast for you. 🙂 I came out of the showers and there he stood, toasting bread for me. I felt sooo blessed.

[& video for this day is uploaded to CHIA CRESSIE youtube channel 🙂]



After checking out, we proceeded to the next hotel – Lifestyle L Hotel @ Yeongdeungpo. I’ve never been to that area but he say it is near hongdae area so it would be easier for us to go home after our clubbing at night. The hotel is considered REALLY clean. It was really weird though because Jo said if we check in after 6pm, the price will be cheaper. Again, we were too early so we left our baggages with them and stepped out. We ended up returning after 6pm. -.-“

Anyway, after dropping off our baggages, we ate BBQ around that area. & I stared at Jo for being too familiar to that area. lol. I always wonder where he go dating because they mentioned his ex and him went to a lot of trips in Korea together. 😦

Afterwards. we went to Meerkat Cafe @ Hongdae! One of my favorite place to visit – animal cafes. Animal cafes are getting a lot of attention these days…



Take Line 2 (Green) to Hongik University station and walk out exit 9

It gets really messy from there so.. DEPEND ON GPS. lol. You should be able to see “black chicken” restaurant after some walking and turn left that alley..

look out for meerkat cafe’s signboard 🙂


(saw this at the cafe and disturbed Jo. lol)

Once you reach the building, take the lift to level 3. You will be asked to change your shoes to those rubber crocs-looking shoes and to familiarize yourself with the rules. But the rules at the entrance will all be in Korean. It’s pretty much the common sense like do not be rough with the animals, do not startle them etc.

It was pretty quiet on the day when we visit. I have a thing for foxes since they are kinda like “a dog’s family”. It was the first thing I look for… and it made me miss my BEATS back at home. Sadly, it just sleeps and were too lazy to entertain me. tsk! lol. I didn’t really dare to approach it either so I just admired from a distance.


This beauty started hopping around but I couldn’t find it after that. 😦 It disappeared after ~2 minutes around us. haha.


There were 2 separate ‘cubicles’ to play with the meerkats. I was waiting for the smaller room to be available.. I thought it would bring us closer to the meerkats. Again, you should run through the set of rules before going in. This time, there is english version available. They will ask you to empty out your pockets and after sanitizing you, they will pass you blankies to cover yourself up. We didn’t understand why since we were both wearing jeans. Apparently, meerkats somewhat love skin. lol. They tend to scratch a lot.


There were a total of 4 meerkats with us & it seemed like it was 2 adults and 2 babies. The babies were the naughtier ones and they were the only one that stick to us a lot. TOO CUTE! It’s funny how the purple one sticks to me and how the yellow one sticks to Jo but somehow, they seemed to like Jo WAYY more that I got jealous. Yellow kept playing with his socks that made Jo really scared. HAHAHAH!

There were also a baby kangaroo and kittens. We didn’t get to enjoy them though. It’s still a good experience to go if you like animals. 🙂



We shopped around Hongdae area and everywhere is a girl’s shopping paradise. I got really pissed off because I saw my cap selling at just 5000 won (~6 SGD) when I got it at 13,000 won. -.- the results of impulse buys. I wanted to drag Jo to a ring-making cafe but we didn’t had enough time 😦 It is this cafe where you can make your own customized ring from scratch. We then came across an accessories that make name craving rings. It only cost us 18,000 won (~$22 SGD) for 2 stainless steel rings. CHEAP RIGHT! I’m very happy with it even though it’s just a simple ring. I was dying to get couple rings for us but honestly, I am not sure whether it was just me being sensitive, Jo doesn’t seems to be as excited as I was. 😦



It was already 6pm so we decided to head back to get changed for the night and also to settle our room. During unpacking, I realised I left 2 polaroids that we took in the traditional guesthouse. We took the picture just right before leaving and I just conveniently left it on the cosmetics box. T.T Jo wanted to bring me to Hangang River but I felt it was too rush and I just wanted to rest before hitting the clubs.

We returned back to Hongdae. Jo was rather stressed because he wanted the night to be perfect for me. He was deciding between Hongdae, Gangnam and Itaewon.. the 3 nightlife areas but I couldn’t help him much with the decision since I’ve not been to any. Back in Hongdae, I think Jo was too stressed that he lost his appetite 😦 I wasn’t very hungry either so I grabbed an Oreo churros! I LOVE churros. I was aiming the ice cream churros but they were out that night. 😦


We saw this super huge fluffy boy! Too cute but sadly, we could only admire as the owner didn’t allow anyone to touch it.

It was just 10pm so we had quite some time to kill. While walking around, we came across a cafe that have Strawberry Tiramisu!!! I am CRAZY for tiramisu too and best of all, they combined it with strawberries! I was skeptical at first because I worried that the taste would turn out to be really weird. Turn out, it was the best thing I ever tasted. :pPp

Jo were SUPER stressed on which club to bring me. 😦 He even wanted to switch to Gangnam. Apparently, wednesdays are not clubbing nights for them. But I just told him to just stay in Hongdae… I didn’t want to travel here and there with my high heels. We decided on CLUB COCOON. It was supposed to be one of the bigger clubs in Korea but I felt that it was rather small.

Korea clubs are really nice to their local. They didn’t had to pay for entrance fee. -.- It cost 10,000 won (~12 SGD) for me to get in (still relatively cheap compared to SG). It was Jo’s virgin trip to a club. hahhaaha! He felt that it wasn’t wild enough and he was super worried that I got bored.


I think I’ve mentioned this multiple times but ALCOHOL IS CRAZY CHEAP there. I get to enjoy shots for like 5,000 won (~$6) each. I had a jaggerbomb at 8,000 won (~$9) and 5 shots! We waited for it to strike midnight when the crowd got better and then proceeded to the dance area. Standing at the back, I wanted my 5th shot so Jo went to get it for me while I stood there and wait. We probably made a wrong move there. Less than ONE minute after Jo stepped away, some guy tried to pull me away. -.-” I got a little tipsy by then and I told him in Korean that it’s okay and bowed at least 3 times to apologize. -.-” Luckily he gave up and soon after he left, Jo returned. lol. I told Jo what happened and he also felt what the hell. He asked why I kept apologizing but I had no idea what else was I supposed to say. :/ He also said he expected that I’ll get picked up if he left me alone.. but he didnt expect it to be so soon. lol. CONCLUSION: guys in Korea clubs can be super daring.

We danced for 2 hours straight and I HAD SOOO MUCH FUN!! I didn’t know you could have this much fun with just a person. I danced with 2 random girls, as though they were my long lost friends. One of them were the first girl I laid my eyes on in the club (sound very lesbian.. haha) but she was super attractive… like DJ SODA! She was super nice too, inviting me to dance with her on the platform stage. Seeing that Jo was so close to me, I think she thought he were some random guys. She checked with me if we knew each other.. probably wanting to ‘save’ me. I assured her that he’s my boyfriend. haha.

I needed to pee badly and after that, Jo concluded that I were drunk so we should call it a night. Honestly, I remembered whatever happened in the club but i have NO IDEA what happened once we exit. I think the alcohol got to me after that. I don’t even remember taking our couple pictures (above). I K.O in the cab and I only remembered hearing Jo talking to the cab driver. By the time I woke up, it was already 730am. -.-” I was still with my make-up and contacts on & I literally jumped out of bed. I even get confused seeing Jo sleeping soundly beside me.

Jo told me that I were dead drunk that when he tried to wake me up, I kept pushing him away. lol. Poor Jo actually felt pain in his ears for the whole day afterwards.. I think the music were too loud for him and he wasn’t too used to it. 😦 But he wants me to bring him to SG’s club some day 🙂

that’s all, folks!



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