3 June 17 – A lazy weekend


When we got back from our trip, Jo told me “yeobo, can we have a relaxing weekend this week?’ lol. It felt like I had been taking him to places that tire him out every weekends. I had a spa planned but my menses came 2 days ago and my cramps got really bad today.

I needed to get my camera from CEE which is currently happening at Suntec. Tomorrow will be the last day!

Dookki Singapore

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-107

Singapore 038984

I made the poor guy wait for me until 230pm and he was super hungry by then. We walked past the ad for Dookki and it was actually one of his colleague’s recommendation. Jo was hesitating to go in because he was worried that everything would be too spicy for me. Thankfully, you get to mix your own sauces and there are 5 different level of spiciness (1 being 0 spicy!). It is supposedly ‘steamboat’ like thingy that consists of 2 meals – One is the ddeokbokki and the other one is fried rice. We completely skip the fried rice because the first meal was enough to made us feel bloated. I LOVE the cheese ring~~ you got to add an additional $9.80 for it which I highly recommend! Take note, there will always be super long queue during peak hours!

The exhibition wasn’t as packed as I expected to be and only Harvey Norman was selling my camera. I decided to get the one that Lynn lent during my Korea trip – Canon G7x Mark II. The camera is just super convenient.. You get to take quality pictures while creating your own vlogs. It isn’t as handy as GoPro but it’s still a damn solid camera. It cost $749 with free gifts thrown in – tripod (selfie stick), 16gb memory card, screen protector and a orginal Canon case. I was so tempted to get GoPro because I wanted a device that I could hold further too. The tripod that they have given turned out to solve this for me! hehehe! SUPER HAPPY with my buy.


I wanted to buy these lights (15 SGD for 1 and 25 SGD for 2) but Jo thinks that i don’t need it. After much hesitation, I also think that these will probably be collecting dust at one corner.

We also got selfie sticks that we were fascinated about.. So far the selfie sticks that I have at home are those that have separate shoot buttons & I felt that it was too much of a hassle to bring the button everywhere i go. I am also someone that tend to misplace things very easily. The new selfie stick that we got was only 8 SGD each (20 SGD for 3). You can plug it into your phone and start using! You don’t even need to connect via wifi or bluetooth. *.* Silly boy was too happy with it that he couldnt stop playing. LOL!


Jo got thirsty from all the walking so we just chilled at Starbucks for a bit. I am very different from many other people and always feel that Starbucks is way too over rated. I don’t patronize there unless there are no other choices. Come to think about it… During our first date, we went to Sentosa and Starbucks was the one that made us closer. We started talking more there. haha. & according to him, it was during then that he realised he was ‘mesmerized’ by my smile. -.-

After our trip, Jo likes to take pictures of me and even super unglams one. He thinks that by taking many shots, at least one of them will quality for instagram for me. LOL!


(he was playing with his selfie stick)

Since we both agreed to just stay home and slack, we returned to his place once we were done. We watched Goblin together and ate Korean melon that his mum packed for him. It tasted like guava. & interestingly, Jo actually eat it with the seeds. I tried the same way but the seeds were annoying me (like watermelon seeds).

We didn’t eat dinner till 10pm (fat die me) and he cooked a simple dinner with rice, egg, seeweed and tuna. He call it his fake sushi. hahaha. Still taste good either ways.


I saw this ad on facebook for ANTONIO WATCH and the shopaholic me wanted to just buy. But it didnt make sense to me that shipping fees cost 78 USD for just 6 watches. I waited for Jo to get out of the showers and discussed with him. He got very skeptical about it and I couldnt find any introduction or anything about this company. So, I started searching on Taobao. -.- I found many identical designs at just like less than 10 SGD. Im getting smarter regarding shopping nowadays :p



(took this on the previous night when I stayed over. He fell asleep once I got to his place so I started goofing around. lol)


(the exact illustration of us. lol)


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