4 Jun 2017

We didnt do much this weekend and for today, it was seriously a slack day. We just stayed at home, watching dramas together and falling in and out of sleep.

Waking up alone, I felt the need to look for him so I just left. I took any key that I could see so i didn’t bring the one that has his key on it.

He texted me with a good morning message at 10.18am and I replied him immediately that I will be finding him. He didn’t reply me for another 10 minutes and his reply was just ‘give me a sec’, indicating that he wasn’t ready to meet me. But I’ve already left my place! -.- fast forward to his doorstep, he read my message but did not reply for another 18 minutes. I told him that I’ve already reached and forgot his keys.. so I’m stuck outside. ‘Just come and get me when you’re ready’. Ended up, that bugger stepped out without informing me.

So am I supposed to blame my laziness for not bringing his keys? Or blame my stupidity for assuming that he will be home? Or blame him for not bothering to inform me that he is stepping out? Honestly, I’m really upset… imagine yourself waking up excitedly to see your partner, just to find him stepping out (for whatever reason) and you have to wait for nearly an hour for him.

(I get emotional very easily since the whole episode with the ex) I am on the verge of crying… out of frustration.

I really don’t like the feeling of being locked out… makes me feel so unwanted :/

I was sitting down in the lobby, waiting for him to appear but each time I look up, it was just pure disappointment. He finally appeared after some time and he told me that he actually went all the way to Parkway but once I said I’ve arrived, he immediately came back home. -.- I was still mad from all the waiting so I said that I could always cab home if he wasn’t free. At that point, I cried a little (he probably didn’t notice it) & i can’t say exactly why did I cry.


Anyway, I got a cab for us to go to Parkway again and it was only after lunch that I recovered from the anger. We ate teppanyaki and I’m super amazed by how clean he eats. lol.

I nagged at him for making me wait and scolding him that the least he could do was to inform me that he was heading out. He said that he wanted to surprise me by cooking a meal for me so he didn’t want to tell me. o.O HOW TO STAY MAD!


Ended up, he whipped up a dish of salad for my teabreak + some aburi sushi. I’ve no idea why I am super into salad these days, especially after the atas dinner in korea.


Later in the night, we ate dinner at the Seng Kee store down the road but I wasn’t too hungry. Jo was craving for the mee sua there and again, he literally licked the plate clean. lol.


Coming back home, he approached my luggage with the pretence of wanting to help me unpack. hahahahaha. in the end, his intention was just to get snacks from there. I couldnt stop laughing. He kept insisting that he is innocent and he didn’t know that there are snacks in there. But he clearly saw everything when we were at the airport trying to decrease the checked-in baggages weight. lol.


Jo actually got this luffa for me from Korea and when I asked why would i need it, he said that I’ve been using my body soap way too fast. o.O I wouldnt expect him to notice such minor things but since young, my parents has always been complaining that I must be ‘eating’ shampoo and body foams (indicating that i’ve been using them wayyy too fast). I could change like 2 bottles in a month and I am only using it alone (+ Jo occasionally). It is my first time using a luffa ever and I must say I am very impressed! With just 1 pump, it’s more than enough to have a good shower. I usually have to pump like 4-5 times for the whole body. :/ Hopefully I am able to make it a habit to use this luffa often.

One of my client texted me suddenly if I do long-term boarding. After some discussion, I found out that they actually want to put their dog with me till its death. They will be downgrading to a smaller home and said that it wasn’t an easy decision but they think that they can no longer take care of Golden. :/ Golden is 15 years old and so far, I’ve looked after him for 2-3 times. Given his age, I’m rather reluctant but yet I feel so pitiful for that old fellow. I may just think of charging them at $850/month with a 1 month’s deposit (similar to the renting property scheme in SG) and i probably will refund it after Golden died. But to accept Golden somewhat permanently, is a huge responsibility and it is as good as having another dog for myself. :/ On top of that (not tryin to be mean) but Golden has a VERY strong odor. I’ve no idea what am I supposed to do.. should I help or not. :/

it’s going to be a busy month! *keeping fingers crossed.

that’s all, folks!


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