Day 8-9: Finale

[ 25 – 26 MAY 2017 ]

Because I had too much fun the previous night, we didn’t want to wake up till nearly check out time and our stuff were EVERYWHERE. We had to quickly pack before 12pm. Since I still got to make up and all, Jo actually helped to pack my baggages. aw~

Anyway, we actually wanted to extend one more night because after discussing, we felt that it may be too tedious for me to stay in his city for one night and return to Seoul the next morning. It was also too troublesome for him to send me all the way back to Seoul and immediately had to return back to Cheon-an. But the hotel has a super weird policy. You got to check out and return after 2pm. -.-” We do not have time to do so that so we just proceeded to check out. 


We decided to stay in Emma’s place again but her house were a little far from where we were.. Thankfully, Seoul has many lockers in most of their station so we conveniently purchased one to keep our stuff and travel to Cheon-an! The lockers are very cheap.. it is only 3,000 won (~3 SGD) for the whole day (until before 12a.m). It will only be worth it if you’re going to put for the whole day. His city is about 1 hour 10 minutes away from Seoul. While we were waiting for the train, I’ve no idea why I had very strong craving for potato/fries so I dragged him to Lotteria. Their chicken burger tasted SUPER good somehow (then again, it might be my hunger from the alcohol).



(a scene from Train to Busan LOL)

We obviously fell asleep on the train since both of us were very tired from the previous night. Jo’s ears were still in pain and he also had difficulty hearing šŸ˜¦ I felt so bad because I was the one that asked him to arrange to go clubbing.

Compared to Seoul, his city is more… quieter whereby there isn’t much place to shop. He was worried that I might judge because his city is basically like a ‘countryside’ (as quoted from him). -.- He even kept insisted that I must just be the VERY FIRST Singaporean to step foot there. tsk. It wasn’t that bad.


The first place he brought me to was his city’s ‘Orchard Road’ & we settled our lunch first. We ordered too much and couldn’t finish. šŸ˜¦ He suddenly asked me for toothbrush for after meals. Apparently, he forgot about his dentist appointment and he will ALWAYS brush his teeth before the visit. o.O I asked why and he explained that it is just basic courtesy for him to present a clean mouth to the dentist. HAHAHA. One of the reason why I love this guy – he cares a lot about minor details like these… even to other people. He also went to apologize to the restaurant cashier and explained to them that it wasn’t that their food wasn’t good, it was just that we ate before going there.

We didn’t keep track of the time so we were a little late for his appointment. It was a 3:30pm appointment but we only got there around 3:50pm :/ His dentist was the only person that I saw there.. and (i know it’s just them being polite and nice in front of me) but she told Jo TWICE that I am very pretty. šŸ˜€ hahaha! Of course I was happy to hear that. She even said that she will call his mum personally to say how pretty I am.

Jo tried to call his eldest sister to meet for dinner together but she was at a school reunion. šŸ˜¦ I must say, I was disappointed that I didn’t meet anyone. When he first told me that he might bring me to meet his family, I was both anxious and excited. Even going through attires to wear. But ended up…….. :/ He probably didn’t know that I was actually looking forward to at least meet someone related to him… To console myself, I counted the dentist as one. ha!

He started the tour of his city, starting from his high school. It was a boy’s school. We just walked from one entrance to the other and since I was the only girl there plus the only one holding on to a camera, we had many stares. Korea schools are not safe. lol. ANYONE CAN JUST GO IN! Unlike in SG, we got to report to the guards.

After that we travel to one of his university campus.. there are 2 campus that he goes to. He was explaining that the campuses were 2 different school that merged together. They are still under separate names but students are free to move here and there. We went to the one nearer to us and it was beautiful. I didn’t want to walk too far so I only stood across a river, admiring it. IT WAS SUPER HUGE!!


the place where we stood, was apparently a ‘campus-couple’ dating place. It was a big park so we sat there for a while. We started walking on those leg-stones thingy and it was fun walking on that with him. šŸ™‚ He even naturally held on to my shoes while we walked on the stones.  ^^ It means a lot of me to be able to experience dating near his school.


He had no idea where should we go so he suggested to just return back to Seoul. But before that, he brought me to his favorite gimbap store that he frequently patronize. Their free flow soup was amazing and the gimbap were only ~S$1 per roll. Jo said that he and his best friends used to come here.. order one roll and enjoy the free flow soup. They could drink many many bowls with just an order of gimbap. lol.



Jo tried to help me take tons of ootd shots hahaha but he was stil learning to get the right angles.


The sun was setting when we were at the train station. Thankfully, I had extra sunglasses to pass to Jo. It wasn’t too girly but yet I still had to force Jo to use it.

It was a movie night for us! Jo brought me to the biggest CGV cinema in Korea and I was sooo impressed. It was the most beautiful cinema I’ve ever been to. Their popcorn even had 4 flavors – Sweet Raunch, Double Chocolate, Cheese and Caramel. Oh oh! They also give out cup holders!! Even their toilet is very bright and pretty.. hahahah.

We watched Pirates of the Caribbean – The Dead Tell No Tales in 4D!! Freaking 4D… I dont even know what was it until Jo explained to me. The movie is awesome and the experience is definitely a unforgettable one. It was like sitting in a mini indoor roller coaster ride. When the actors get stab, your chair will have something to poke you. When there is a movement like moving ship, your chair will also move. One thing that I dont like was this thing that kept hitting my feet.


(kindly ignore my fat legs)

If you’ve already watched Pirates of The Carribbean, you will see that there will be many scenes with them getting caught with ropes. That black thing (above) will hit my leg whenever that happens & it is PAINFUL! I tried to avoid it by putting my legs down the platform but I still could get hit. -.- But I wouldnt mind upgrading my movie dates to 4D everyday. It’s overall fun.


Jo got hungry after the movie and it was soon turning 12am. I got very worried that we might not be able to head back to Emma’s place in time. Korea’s train are very punctual in closing at 12am sharp. If the train stop, you got to alight and take a cab from wherever you are. Since we are quite a distance away, if that happened… we would need to get a cab and it wouldnt be cheap. Anyway~~ thankfully we made it and he dabao some food from the roadside stall.

GUESS WHAT! I tried pork intestines (sun-dae) for the very first time! It was very chewy which is something that I like and it tasted good but I just couldnt bring myself to continue eating more than one….. knowing that they are intestines.

I actually didn’t want to stay in Emma house with Jo because her ceiling was a little too low for Jo. He had to keep bending his head, especially in the toilet. lol. It’s like Gulliver’s Travels. hahaha!

The next day we went to Namdaemun to shop around and he got me flowers! The happiness was short-lived since we quarrelled after that and I cried in public. -.-

The separation (he had to return back to Cheon-an to spend the last day in Korea with his family) wasn’t how I imagined it to be and I was in much pain. (can read from previous post on Day 9)

that’s all, folks!



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