Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 

I took my home princess to the bazaar today and I’m not sure why it isn’t as interesting as before. The food are WAY too expensive and over-rated. Every stalls are just trying too hard to please the youngsters  by making everything look too instagram-worthy but the quality isn’t there. Honestly, I’m one of those that misses the old school Pasar malam back in the old days where the looks doesn’t matter but good food everywhere.


We were really lucky to go before 730pm because we didn’t have to queue. Just when we were about to leave (after 730pm), the crowd got really horrible. Anyway, I basically ordered all the junk food like the potato twister, some banana prata with nutella and SMORES! hehehe. I miss my smores soooo much & finally I can eat it again. I’ve no idea why I wasnt attracted to those thai milk tea or rainbow drink (& they cost like ~4 – 5 SGD each). I simply just got a rose bandung drink which tasted like heaven at just 1 SGD. 😉


Worried that Jo didn’t had dinner, I got him buns with chilli crab sauce at 4.50 SGD and also to share with him, a hotdog bun (5 SGD) and a mushroom carbonara & cheese sandwich (8 SGD). -.-” Was really disappointed with the last one.. I couldn’t taste any carbonara or cheese. Jo was also saying that he could only taste the mushrooms. tsk. I hate mushrooms and the reason why I got it was mainly because of the carbonara & cheese, which made it sound delicious.

By the way, it’s really good to have a boyfriend that stays really near the bazaar. After perspiring so much, I can just easily walk to his house and rest with the AC on. 🙂



(he insisted that before exercising, we’re supposed to do some stretching. LOL)

Before I stepped out, my dad actually went “Don’t you have enough clothes to wear? why are you wearing like that?” -.- It really isnt that bad lah, lol. I was even considering to ditch the singlet. Yet even with that outfit, I could still feel super hot in the bazaar. I really cannot stand SG weather these days.

It was actually supposed to be our gym date but knowing that the gym was full, we decided to rest after dinner while waiting. THEN~~~ our laziness kicked in and Jo suggested to cancel it. lol


I’m not sure if I mentioned about this but Jo writes a diary and he will never miss a day. Sadly, it is in Korean that I cannot even understand a complete sentence. So each time when I want to read, I have to get him to translate. I LOVE to hear him translate about his entries because it just made me feel closer to him and at the same time, I get to know more about his thoughts. Today, I got him to translate 26 May 2017 (the day we fought in Korea).

He felt really bad for that day and even wrote TWICE that he needed to control his anger/moodiness in order to stop hurting the people around him, especially people that are most important to him. He also wrote about he saw his mum returned home after work and she looked really tired. His heart sunk at that sight so he promised to work hard for the sake of her. 😦 At this point, I felt bad again because I dragged him all the way here. I apologised to him that indirectly, I had him choose between me and his family. He said that I am silly enough to think like that but how can I not? :/ I want to treat his mum well too on his behalf but I can’t even get close to her. T.T Woes of being a foreign girlfriend. Should I seriously sign up for Korean classes again?

Dad talked to me these days to seriously consider about getting too serious with Jo. He said that it wouldnt be easy and asked where am I going to settle down in the future? I confessed that I doubt i will migrate to Korea.. I’m okay with long holidays but to stay there forever would be mission impossible. Jo is the only son in his family and he has 3 other elder sisters. Dad thinks that it would also be tough for Jo to stay in SG forever since he is the only son.. His family would definitely want him to go back some day. :/ Honestly, I can sense that his whole family pampers him a lot since he is the only son.. & he is like the baby of the family. I’ve always been stressing about the future of our relationship and Jo knows it very well. I always talked to him about these (& we do talk about marriage). Even though he said he wouldn’t mind staying in SG for me, I know that it has been/will be tough for him.

Right now, we just want to love each other and be together with no worries. So hopefully along the way, we’re able to work something out. 🙂

i can’t wait for this weekend!!

that’s all, folks!



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