10 – 11 June 2017 – Ultra!



I’ve never had this much fun EVER! & we’ll definitely be heading back again next year. I’ve never listened to EDM so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. But Lu said the line up this year was insane.





We decided to just wait for our hotel check-in to put our bags before heading over. I went to Jo’s place first to pick him up and helped him to choose his outfit. Meeting Kam & Lu, he felt super awkward. haha. He is not someone that really know how to talk when around new people. Anyway, the moment we met.. Kam informed me that he will be having TWO (i’m emphasizing this now because it will be what pissed me off eventually) female friends that will be crashing our room. I thought it wouldnt be any problem so I didn’t really think too much.


Kam needed to buy jeans for the night so Jo & I went to fill our tummies at Mac. We then proceeded to MBS to top up our wristbands and purchase alcohol from 7eleven before heading in. We broke record by taking ~10 minutes to finish a bottle of hard liquor (with the mixture of coke). While standing outside of the entrance, some random guy just walked up to us and poured pure Jagerbomb into each of our mouths. I thought he will only target the guys but obviously I kena too. The guy thinks that our alcohol was too ‘weak’ and wlaooo, his jagerbomb tasted horrible. I couldnt even swallow! Once he walked away, I hid behind Jo and spit it out.

Entering the venue, I didn’t expect them to be THAT strict. Still, blaming on myself for not reading their rules properly, my dear selfie stick got thrown away 😦 It is a free gift for my camera and I only used it for the first time!!! Super duper sad. Kam said I’m a burden because Lu tried to help to negotiate with the security for me. I super dont like to get my things thrown away or go missing. Obviously there was no way to outwin the security there so I could only stare at my selfie stick being thrown into the dustbin. >.< From feeling high, my mood plunged to the bottom. We actually topped up a total of 1,000 SGD to our wristbands but we didn’t really use it on Day 1.


Was trying to hard to just enjoy the atmosphere. I’m going to let a lot of videos and pictures do most of the talking now. hahaha.


random XIAO SHUAI GE that thinks Jo & I are a cute couple. hahaha.



I thought that sneakers would be a good idea since we have the intention to go to after party, so I got Jo to wear it. But it ended up raining and all of our footwear got soaked in mud. -.- I also stupidly wore a new shoe from Korea that I really like. ALSO FIRST TIME WEARING IT OUT! tsk. It is also probably not a good idea to wear white hahaha. But honestly, the rain was what that made Day 1 even more happening.

Apparently Jo was a little upset with me because he felt that I neglected him. 😦 I didn’t realise and definitely didn’t do it on purpose. I was caught up with tuning my own mood so I could enjoy more.

Okay, now the whining part. After a long tiring first day, the main purpose of me booking a hotel is to freshen up and rest before the after party. At the lobby, we bumped into Kam’s 2 friends that I assumed were THAT TWO. Entering the room, I saw an additional THREE girls. -.-” You have NO idea how speechless I was but okay.. i tried let it go. Jo & I went to the toilet to get our footwear cleaned and when we came out, I SAW ANOTHER TWO GUYS (by now, including the 3 of us.. there is a total of 10 people in the room). I WAS FREAKING UNHAPPY. The room is under MY name, MY card so the least Kam could do was to discuss with me first. I tried to figure out what was happening so apparently the story is that they were supposed to use MY room to drink booze before heading to club. I got SOOO uncomfortable with these people that I couldn’t shower – which was exactly why I booked the room for at the very first place. With my soaking undergarments and clothings, I decided to just heck it and wear whatever I was wearing to the after party. Even Jo forgo showering.

Suddenly Lu was having a bad headache so I asked him to rest. That poor guy got to rest on the floor while the girls used his bed (Jo & I were occupying the other bed). -.- While waiting for Lu to recover, the girls persuaded us to join them to go to the SAME club. We decided to make things easier for Kam also, so we agreed. (Kam had to go for his friend’s bday party and rejoin us later on.)


It’s already 1a.m and they were still drinking their booze. Jo and I managed to get some rest. At this time, ANOTHER girl came in which added up to 8 unknown people in my hotel room. I ended up falling asleep and fast forward to 3:30am, I got woken up by their loud laughters and awful singing. I reckoned they wont be moving at all so Jo and I decided to head back to his place to have PROPER REST. I texted Kam that we were leaving and I guessed he could sense my unhappiness.. he said he f up and that he will be paying for that night. -.- I didn’t want to reply so I didnt. Honestly, I’m not sure if Kam even knew from the start that there would be that many people.. Can you imagine the feeling of sorta getting chased out of your own hotel room in the middle of the night? The least they should have is the decency to know that they didn’t pay for the hotel. They had no rights to overstay. ARGH. & guessed what? They ended up only leaving at 5+a.m -.-”



I went back at about 10+a.m to settle the doggies back at home. I met the guys at around 3pm in the hotel. We were saying that we should just go for Ultra overseas next year. hahaha. We drank the leftovers of whatever the unknown people left behind and proceeded to the event!



The live stage was sick! But I felt that the crowd wasn’t as much as yesterday. We chilled and bought some food while enjoying the live stage.




We drank quite a bit tonight and I think I had a total of ~8 cups of vodka + redbull. I got drunk towards the end. I got kissed by 2 girls tonight. The first one was by a girl whose phone I found. I’ll never understand why some assholes will keep devices that they’ve found.


It felt soooo good to be able to return the phone back to her. I found it in the toilet and I was worried someone else picked it up and kept it instead. I waited for her to call me and when we met near the toilet, she was SOOO happy to see me. It was as though she saw a long lost friend. haha. Her boyfriend, I assume, wanted to pass me $100 but why would I accept it? He kept insisting but it just wasn’t right to accept. All I wanted is for her to have her phone back. I told him to make sure that she doesn’t lose it again. lol.

I replied her for her instagram so I shall just simply take it as I gained a new friend too. ;D SEE! So why would people keep other people’s phone for monetary benefits when you can gain a new friend? Isn’t that even more rewarding? LOL

The second girl was the ang moh in the above video. She just randomly came to me and said “you looked so pretty today!” and kissed me on the cheek. o.O People in Ultra are really really friendly people, i must say. hahaha. I wanted to take a picture with her but before I can do anything, I lost her. 😦

Jo joined us at about 8pm and I was kinda way too high by then. The moment I saw him, I literally jumped on him. He carried me up naturally like always and I couldnt be any happier! Honestly, I can’t really remember much. But I was horrified when he sent me my drunk videos.

i seriously have NO IDEA I am THIS annoying when I’m drunk. -.-” I would totally understand if you want to slap me after watching the videos because even I want to slap myself. lol. I apologized to Jo but I seriously had no idea.

Return back to the hotel, we changed to go back to Zouk and I only had blur memory of how I managed to walk back. Jo didn’t join us because he had to work the next day. The alcohol effect started to wear off for me so I was pretty much sober. I was aware that I cannot take in anymore alcohol so I didn’t even drink a sip there. I couldn’t really enjoy and I can’t help but think that it would be so much better if Jo was beside me. There was a point I was squashed between 2 guys, despite Lu and Kam beside and behind me respectively. -.- I stared at Lu to pull me away.

Meanwhile, some weirdo lady followed Jo home from CityHall MRT. He even confirmed her following by alighting at some station and boarding the next train. I told him to report to the MRT staff. tsk. Apparently when the staff asked her why was she following Jo, she replied that she just followed without any idea why. -.-

My initial plan was to stay over but seeing that my ‘bodyguards’ are 2 huge guys. I felt bad to let them squeeze in one bed or let one of them sleep on the floor. So I said I will head home instead. So…. basically I booked a hotel for nothing. -.-”

I cannot understand why would someone invent the car perfume. It stinks and it just made the ride super duper unbearable. The uber that I called had one and with the side effects of alcohol… I felt bloody nauseated and super horrible. Reaching home, I assumed that I needed some sugar and drank soda. I slept and woke up to vomit. I vomitted a total of FIVE FREAKING times in ~2 hours. -.- In between I also ate apple but it just induced one of the vomitting. I felt nauseated, giddy and hungry the whole time. I thought by drinking soda or an apple would made me feel better but it just made it worst. Feeling exhausted and sleepy, I couldn’t even lie down because that will induce vomitting too. -.- So I was basically back in hell. I finally managed to fall asleep for an hour after all the vomitting and I woke up feeling super hungry. Got princess to make a warm cup of Milo for me before I head back to sleep again. ARGH. I dont know what’s with me and alcohol. I wasn’t like that before… It all happened ever since the period of time when I kept drinking to drown my sorrow away. -.-

I curiously weighed myself and I think I lost an instant 2kg from all the vomitting. -.- (It might also be i’ve been losing minute weight that accumulated. The last I checked was when I just got back from Korea.)

Oh yea, my phone seems to be going haywire. The screen suddenly cracked and when people call me, I cannot hear them or vice versa. :/

that’s all, now!




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